where can i get a signature or installment loan with bad credit?

hi. i am in need of a $1,000 to $2,000 signature or installment loan. up to a month and a half ago everything was fine and then when it rained it poured!!! a shattering and very unexpected death in the family with lots of help with the funeral expenses from all of us in the family was needed! and then my car went capoot! i had just moved into a new place with added connection fees on all utilities. and now i have this financial Domino affect happening and am about to lose everything. all i have been able to find so far are these payday advance loans and they only offered a few hundred and want the money back in a week!! this does not help! yes, i have bad credit, but am working on that. i can,t get a loan from my bank and i only have a savings account. i am ready for some of the sarcastic comments i am going to get. i just ask that you please be gentle....

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    How much do you have in your savings account? Based on that, im pretty sure you can convince someone to give you a secured loan. Lets say you have 800 in your savings and you need 1600. Im pretty sure you can convince someone (banks, credit unions, etc) to secure those 800 and let you borrow another 800. Then to have the option for repayment.

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    This is tough. You mentioned the domino effect, and ironically, a loan will further contribute to that effect. I understand you "need" the cash but your options are going to be limited and VERY expensive. The interest you pay on these things will clean you out even if you're lucky enough to get it in the first place. By no means is this comment intended to be condescending but seriously consider getting another job. Of course it's easier said than done but the effort will pay the bills AND help you avoid all the interest. Feel free to contact me for further assistance. In the long run, you should seriously consider learning about a well-known guru named Dave Ramsey, he's not selling anything, just common sense. Good luck!!

    Source(s): I work for a major bank, have a degree in finance & hold multiple real estate and brokerage licenses.
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    If your car is paid off, you can get a car title loan for those amounts, depending on the value of course. Try smaller, business type banks, not BOA or Wells Fargo.

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