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Do you think Japan is a really advanced and modern country?

They are known for their advanced technology, awesome cars, electronics, healthiest lifestyles, beauty & fashion, Entertainment, and 21st century modern cities and buildings!

70% of technology in the U.S are made in Japan. They invented Anime (such as Pokemon, Dragonball Z, Bleach, and all those other Anime cartoons). Japan has an extremely healthy diet which they eat mostly of sushi, fish, rice, etc etc, compare to the United States where people mostly eat Hamburgers and a load of junk food. It's been statically proven that only 3% of people in Japan are obese, while in the United States 30% of people are obese according to the general Healthcare statistics.

Japan is also known for their modern clothing and fashion, that's why Japan is one of the best fashion capitol in the world. Japan is the least violent country in the world, because the crime rate in Japan is relatively the lowest which makes Japan the most friendliest country in the world.

The people in Japan also look extremely young for their age due to their healthy diet. Here's a video of a 43 year old Japanese woman who looks like a 12 year old girl. Too hard to believe eh? Here's the video of her:

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Here are the clothes, fashion, and styles in Japan:

And last but not least, here is Tokyo, the biggest ultra magnificent city in Japan with modern cities and flashing lights ...

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Overall, Japan is one of the most ultra advanced and technological country in the world. It's a true fact you've gotta admit!

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    A wonderful society but the older men really need to give up the pre-teen/teen girl obsession.

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    So is this a question? The japanese are not the most technologically advanced. That's still America's throne although Japan is a pretty close second. I would have to say it's more there consumer electronics goods and the sheer amount they have.

    It's kinda draws a parallel to Japan just 100 years ago. They were a rather primitive, isolated country. It really wasn't until an AMerican showed up with technology they had never seen . I don't remember his name but I remember hearing about it on a special on Japan in the history channel. Most of the thing Japan started off with were American examples.

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    In Japan, a lot of culture is come from China.

    About two thousands years ago, at the Qin dynasty of China, a small part of Chinese people went to Japan by boat. They became the early Japanese.

    And in 1937, the Japanese started the aggressive war against China. In this war, tens of millions of Chinese people were killed by Japanese army.

    Though this is history. But it is true.

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    nope.... japan has brought the world nothing but Wapanese (not japanese...wapanese) and Anime fanboys. Cant forget their ugly cars. Besides look at the huge earth quakes they have every anual decade that sets them back and the high number of suicides. Japan aint all that.

    Source(s): I say if you love it so much than stay there or move there and stay put.
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    Yes. The Japanese know how to live. Too bad we shoved some of our stupid sex laws down their throat, and tried to make them live like we do. But they seem 2 know how to ignore stupid laws.

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    yes i'm pretty sure they are, i'd have to agree with you!

    i wanna go there someday too..

    i <3 japan! =)

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    My statement.

    Japan is AWESOME

    anime is addicting

    the food is delicious

    the fashion is ADORABLE :)

    'nuff said

  • ok,well first off i didnt read all of that.

    but i do think japan is way more advanced

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    i'd have to agree with you there

    i'm just waiting to see what new toys they have to play with...

    i'm sure no one will forget Hiroshima in a hurry

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    Well, they are selling nano-technology to Bayers.

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