do you believe ghosts exist?

im just curious to know if you guys think ghosts exist, or if you've ever encountered ghosts,sprits, demons, etc?

or do you guys know any great websites with evidence on there?

(iSorta like freaking my self out with this stuff! =P lol]

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  • Bunge
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    1 decade ago
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    What we call ghosts reside in margin, and we can't see into that world unless there is a portal or the veil between worlds is thin..

    All dimensions have a different vibration, we are surrounded by dimensions we cannot see, but sometimes we do get a glimpse into their world and sometimes they get a glimpse into our world; also remember our dimension is the only dimension where time is measured...

    I recently read about a ghost scream which was recorded in England; a team of paranormal researchers were conducting an investigation into a haunting and 3 or 4 women were together in a room when they were taken by surprise by the appearance of a ghost, so they screamed...

    The Ghost also must have been taken by surprise as it also screamed, which was recorded on their equipment..

    They had the recording analysed and the result was that the scream was not of human origin; so you see we can spook the spooks just like they spook us...

    About 1 km up the road from me is an old manse called St Cecilia, this is in Peterborough, Sth Aust...

    This old manse hosts 5 ghosts, and the most prominent is the ghost of one of the old Bishops who lived there in the 1870's..

    A friend of mine is a psychic medium and he has been on a couple of documentaries which concern haunted places in Australia, and he has been filmed there several times...

    I walk past St Cecilia's 4 times a week, mostly at around the 9ish PM mark, but sometimes much later on my fitness walk..

    I have personally seen the Bishop 3 times, up on the porch on the far left hand side of the the building...

    Every time I walk past the manse all the hairs stick up on the back of my neck and I have that feeling of being watched...

    Every-time I have seen the Bishop, he is looking directly at me and it sends a shiver straight up my spine..

    He knows my energy and I know his, I just hope he stays where he is, as I honestly believe that there is something a wee bit sinister about him...

    I will tell you what happened to me when I first moved into my cottage in the country..

    One night I got outta the shower and was drying myself in the lounge room and all of a sudden I was freezing cold; I was as cold as if I were naked and out in a blizzard...

    I found my winter sleeping clothes(trackie daks, thermal T-shirt and a wind-cheater) and my thick woolly Pancho and I was still shivering; the temperature in my lounge room was 26C so I should have been quite comfortable in just a pair of shorts; the entity had changed my body temperature...

    This happened on 3 separate occasions and I contacted a psychic medium mate of mine and we sent him to the light..

    He was an adolescent child who was just having a bit of fun, but that fun could have killed me as it is not healthy to be all rugged up in winter clothing etc when it is in fact really quite warm inside the house....

    I still have one entity, and he causes me no dramas at all...

    In Light... )O(

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    No, I believe that everything, after a long while, will return to its original state. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Humans were made out of the dust of the earth, and when we die, we return to that state. I do, however, believe that humans can leave things behind-memories, ideas, deeds, anything they did while they were living. Because we all affect the earth in some way, and by the end of our lives, it is somehow, if ever so slightly, effected by each individual's existence. These affects-memories, ideas that we have from a certain person- are often mistaken to be their actual spirit by those who knew the person while they were alive. So, if you were talking in a super-spiritual sense, you could say yes, spirits do exist because the ideas and memories we leave behind can never be killed. However, "Ghost Hunting" shows, I don't believe they're ghosts...they're either one of two things-really bad attempts at horror or actual cases of supernatural occurrences. The SUPERNATURAL is a whole different story from ghosts- it concerns beings that are beyond life, not natural, but still possessing an extreme presence. I believe in this: demons, which are essentially evil "spirits" that attach themselves to objects, locations, maybe even people (look up some of the most famous demonic possession cases, and you'll find some interesting stuff). That's my opinion on the matter. I feel like people, a lot of the time, question "well why do you believe in 'demons' but not ghosts?" It's not a religious thing for me, its just more about logic and what I personally would define life to be. Just from experiencing it, I highly doubt its possible to fly around and haunt people when I die. However, the possibility that there exists concepts, forces and beings beyond life and nature doesn't seem that far-fetched to me. What reason do humans have to assume the world, the universe, the many universes and dimesnions, were created solely for them? That's like an ordinary person walking into an empty 30-story hotel and assuming every room is for them to sleep in, and not being surprised when the entire building is empty. To outright assume that concepts/beings don't exist beyond life is illogical.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I say they're definatley real. I have had supernatural experiences myself. I hope you enjoy them!

    Im 14 years old and I love the paranormal. I have heard footsteps many times upstairs near my bedroom going down the hall and footsteps going into my bedroom and going around my bed. My house is not old, ten years at the most. I have heard my computer keys typing, the mouse clicking and i have seen the reflected computer light changing. You might think that I am making this up but I am not. During the computer phenomenon, it was 1:00 in the morning, one of my cats was laying on me, i could see the other cat in the hall (sleeping) and i could hear the two distinct sounds of my parents snoring. I do not know what/who was playing on my computer at 1 o'clock in the morning. I have also seen some things at my friends houses, a "demon" with red eyes opening up the fridge and suddenly leaving. I hope you found this interesting. Also, when i was younger, me and my parents were playing right outside my house. when i went inside, my underwear drawer was throwen on my bed and the contents od the drawer was all over my room. i also kept an alarm clock in there. the clock was gone too. no one went in my house, we would have saw and we didnt have a deck then so the theif would really have to climb to get to the back door just to find that the back door is always locked. and my cats couldnt have don it because its one of those drawers where you have to life then pull out. I swear on my life that i am not making this up.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I don't know of any good sites but I do know a good amount about spiritual creatures like demons vamps etc.. Not from movies or books. I've met a demon before. One of my friends is a vampire. Not like the damn movie crap I mean real vampire.

    If you want email at

    Up to you if you want to learn stuff about awesome creatures

    I guess there is not a really great reason to learn about them tho lol

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  • Lamia
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    1 decade ago

    It's a weird subject. No evidence that I have seen has proved the existence of ghosts or demons to me. However, with my own experiences of going to "haunted" place with friends and having an ex boyfriend "possessed" by a demon, I've been made into a believer. No evidence is proof until you've experienced it yourself.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think they exist, cause in my other house (in another country) my moms grandma died there and like your could hear her talking in the morning and when shes coming up the stairs. I was sitting on my bed reading and the bathroom faucet turned off, it kinda creeped me out but i told her to stop it and the water quit running! Also, i've played with a quija board before, and my friends house is still haunted....they had to move out cause it got really scary. Check these wbsites out

    and if your spanish like me, got to

    Source(s): my awsome brain...xD
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't believe personally that a ghost can stay in one place for years and years. They might get lost, or just want to say "bye" to people, but never stay.

    However, there could very much still be the impression of that dead person. Like, if they were sad, or happy. You might walk into a room and feel happy. I know when my cousin commited suicide, you could smell flowers in his bedroom.

    Is that what you wanted to hear?


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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, they exist. When my stepsister died from a long illness she showed up at the foot of my bed to say goodbye. I thought it was a dream but later I got the call she passed away in her sleep. My sister and I later both found out she showed up at both our houses around the same time wearing the same clothes!

    Source(s): I believe.
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  • 1 decade ago

    I think they do exists even scientist said that but I don't know for sure. For what I know there is ghost because my teacher went to a haunted house and told me about it.

    P.S. You might have nightmares watching ghost stories. LOL

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes I believe,

    I feel them around me and only 3 times have they spoke to me, was a female and she called my name, I very nearly sh*t my, but after the first time I was cool with it, I wish it would happen more often, this site is for spells but you'll find links to what your looking for, the one below is a social site for people who believe in all sorts of supernatural stuff.

    cheers :)

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