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Do you think the collective conservative hissy fit is genuine?

I find it hard to believe that anyone can make a bigger deal about ACORN and the people Obama has associated with than what happened under the Bush administration. For starters:

1.Torture at Abu Ghraib

2. Guantanamo

3. Bush's biggest political backer through his entire political career having been Enron CEO Ken Lay. Bush was considering making him Treasury Secretary in 2000.

4.Scooter Libby(Cheney's Chief of Staff) and his role in leaking the identity of a CIA operative. Was subsequently pardoned form jail by Bush.

5.Trying to appoint his good friend Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court

6.Firing DOJ attorneys for political reasons.

7. Brown and the "heck of a job" he did as FEMA head during Katrina

8.Providing talking points to Fox news

9.According to Tom Ridge: Bush administration pressuring him( Homeland Security head) to raise terror alert the day before the 2004 election to help Bush win.

10.NSA spying on UN diplomats in the UN building, and trying to get UK to do the same with members of the Security Council in the lead up to the Iraq war.

11. Huge contracts going to Halliburton during Iraq War. Coincidentally Cheney was the former CEO of Halliburton

So I ask again, are you genuinely moved by the actions of Obama, or are you trying to make people laugh at you?


In contrast to submerging the head face-forward in water, waterboarding precipitates an almost immediate gag reflex.[13] The technique does not inevitably cause lasting physical damage. It can cause extreme pain, dry drowning, damage to lungs, brain damage from oxygen deprivation, other physical injuries including broken bones due to struggling against restraints, lasting psychological damage or, if uninterrupted, death.[3] Adverse physical consequences can start manifesting months after the event; psychological effects can last for years.

Update 2:

Since holding people without trial is a great way to show our moral superiority!

Update 3:

Waterboarding isn't torture. HAHAHHAHA. Now I know you are joking.

Update 4:

Jeffrey Immelt's board:The board, which will meet regularly to advise the president on programs to "jump-start" the economy and how those programs are working, features a mix of executives from various industries, academics, a representative of the AFL-CIO, and others.

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    This is dumb and an example of why dems are not taken seriously. You have nothing. You make a list over the last eight years and then say 0bama hasn't had enough time to do anything.

    You're right if that is your argument (I have to assume so because your list is so stereotypical of the party line you tow.)

    Let's see.....

    1. 0bama couldn't decide if he was going to release photos or not.

    2. Hmmm 0bama is having issues there right now isn't he?

    3. 0bama has hired a proven tax cheat for the job.

    4. Well let's just have our current administration call the CIA liars instead that's so much better.

    5. Sotomayor much? Yeah she didn't even get to pick out her own clothes.

    6. Upheld Bush's decision on "State Secrets" ring a bell?

    7. FEMA - Well ACORN certainly did get money from that. Considering the time frame I'm sure that 0bama or one of his associates had something to do with supporting that group and the squandering of funds. I mean he was their attorney for a while.

    9. Is trying to stop freedom of speech with FOX news, I mean infringing on constitutional rights is soooo much better.

    10. Can't make a decision on war and would rather have America's children killed daily due to his own political reasons and try and get his numbers up by not sending more troops. As of June 1st, 2009 0bama had more than 250,000 private contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan which you can find on the Department of Defense website at that is a 23% increase in Iraq and a 29% increase in Afghanastan vs. GW Bush.

    11. Oh and he still uses Halliburton too through their satellite companies all you have to do is google that to find out what you need there.

    Let's not forget that he has strengthened the Patriot Act far beyond what Bush did and let's not forget about the impending "Net Nutrality".

    Nice try.

    Also just to try and pry open that mind of yours a little bit. Not all people that disagree with 0bama are republicans or conservatives. They can just see past the end of their noses.

    OK you can go on and on now and make meaningless arguments. Proceed.

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    1. Don't know enough about Abu Ghariab

    2. Waterboarding isn't torture. Guantanamo is still opened. And Obama has sent these terrorists to Caribbean resorts. Yay.

    3. GE - The owner of NBC - CEO Jeff Immelt is on Obama's Economic Advisory Panel. At least Bush stopped short at consideration.

    4. Scooter Libby should not have been pardoned. But that's not much different than Obama saying the Cambridge police was stupid.

    5. Obama appointed a racist to the Court.

    6. Why did Obama fire Chief Inspector Gerald Walpin? Political reasons? Me thinks so.

    7. FEMA was a disaster, but did you expect Bush to flame the man for the biggest natural disaster in US history?

    8. Obama gives Chris Matthews thrills up his leg

    9. We agree on this.

    10. No clue.

    11. Again, Jeff Immelt, GE, NBC, Economic advisor.

    No, I'm laughing at you.

    Both presidents are one in the same.

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    They have gotten enough chuckles, to where only 20% of Americans will admit they are Republicans.

    You left out the secret police spying on Americans, and the detentions without trial. Well actually you left out more then Yahoo has room for in a question, so I'll give you a break.

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    The Cons mantra is hyperbole where appropriate. Everything that you have described above concerning the Bush admin is deemed inappropriate. Just sayin.

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    We are genuinely UNMOVED - by Obama's Silly plans.

    Obama IS ACORN...

    And... Although BUSH was far from PERFECT- His errors and con jobs are FAR below OBAMA'S.

    This guy has taken us back to the days of CARTER.

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    You think you really have something there don't you. haha

    Just wait honey. Time will prove the Obama administration to be the most corrupt in history.

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    If the hissy fits, wear it.

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