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Is the reason Israel is getting cheap oil from Egypt?

because Israel developed Sinai?

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    Israel gained access to Egyptian oil fields in Sinai after the Six-Day War. When Israel agreed to return the fields in 1979, Israel wanted broad assurances about their access to oil imports. The peace treaty with Egypt stipulated that "Israel shall be fully entitled to make bids for Egyptian-origin oil not needed for Egyptian domestic oil consumption." An accompanying document outlined a deal with the United States that ensured Israeli oil supplies in times of crisis.

    In 1995, Egyptian oil accounted for one-third of Israel's fuel imports; by 2000 that fraction had shrunk to one-eighth. Today Israels oil come from Angola, Colombia, Mexico, Egypt, and Norway

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    The Sinai is not developed. If Israel had developed it (like they have the Golan Heights), they would not have given it back. btw: what is your definition of cheap? Gas is still 4X the price it is than in the U.S.

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    The only thing that is well developed in Israel is the taxes the avarage jew is paying.

    There are parts of Israel that there isn't even in-home plumbing!

    If my country would get 15 billion dollars each year, for free, we would all be having Lamborghinis and Ferraris parked outside our homes.

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    Whoa whoa whoa, Claymore how could you say Jews are responsible for the recession. Things like recessions happen, but in the grand scheme of things jewish americans contributed so much to our country. I believe america is so powerful and successful because in part to the Jews, they are very clever and intelligent so to have them on our side is a blessing!

    I am not even Jewish I am of christian anglo Saxon decent, and the majority of intelligent people realize that jewish people as a whole are great people. I grew up in a college town and many of my neighbors and friends were jewish, and as a whole they are extremely intelligent and accepting.

    Unlike you most americans support Israel, and that is because they are our only true allie in the region. If the rest of the middle east accepted Israel and did not attack them Israel would not only be peaceful neighbors but also give out a helping hand and give insight on economic policies that could greatly benefit the region.

    Let these people be, and pick on people who are far more worthy of your criticism.

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  • Israel gets from us suckas $15 billions. Each year.

    We also give the Egyptions $3 more billions for the whole production that goes to the jews.

    In fact that was the deal George W Bush had with the jew-lobby.

    Barry wants out.

    It ain't nice, we the Patriotic Americans to support the same guys who brought down our Stock Market and let us starve to death (Lehman bros, Maddof, Fuld, Greenberg, Greenspan, Sachs e.a. all jews).

    The jews are all rich anyways. Inside them closets they have stashes of diamonds, gold and US bonds, taken from us and our families. Tommy

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    If Israel didn't give the Sinai to Egypt in 1979 all of the oil would belong to Israel and Israel wouldn't have to pay anything for it.

    And the Israeli drivers would be paying a lot less money to fill their cars with Gas.

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    someone need to replace Husni mubarak FAST!!

    israel is like a virus... can't depend on itself for anything.

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    Husni mubarak loves Israel so much.

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    THE CORRUPT POLITICIANS , as simple as that.


    this is exactly the kind of comments that make people mad about u..

    thank u sir for returning OUR land to us , we owe u for ever, would u please accept the rest of the land as a thank u. F*** off.

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    Personally I am against this.

    All my toys work on electric power. I don't need oil.

    I vote for a pistachio ...sorry green planet.

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