I need some help with my resume? Is this a good resume for a coordinator position?

A highly talented Unit Coordinator with more than three years of experience coordinating activities on the unit, greeting and directing visitors, residents, physicians; assisting with new admission and discharges, ensuring information in resident charts is accurate and up to date. Assisting nursing staff with various non clinical duties.


• Background includes providing administrative support to agencies.

• Exceptional ability to communicate effectively with staff, patients, and public.

• Ability to translate from English to Spanish.

• Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel. Type 35 w.p.m.

• Remarkable ability to collect data and keep accurate records.

• Demonstrated positive leadership by diligently serving the needs of our clients.

• First Aid/CPR certified from American Red Cross


Residential Treatment Facility, Bayfront Youth and Family Services

Unit Coordinator, 2006- Present

• Managed nursing unit for 29 patients. Scheduled appointments, maintained patient records. Billing


• Facilitated communication between medical staff, nurses, and physicians.

• Managed multi-line phones. Greeted visitors and provided information.

• Coordinated patient admissions, discharges and transfers.

• Prepared monthly and quarterly reports, work schedules, and memos for the unit.

• Audited charts for the unit. Attended Utilization review meetings.


May 2001 Bachelor’s of Arts- Psychology California State University Dominguez Hills

Domestic Violence Shelter for Women, Peace and Joy Care Center

Case Manager- Crisis Unit, 2005-2006

• Gained valuable experience while supervising five staff.

• Developed support systems to meet client needs by coordinating services for clients including referrals, support services, and counseling necessary to obtain family stabilization and self-sufficiency.

• Monitored hotlines and admitted clients in emergency situations. Managed client records.

• Advocated for abused women and their children in the shelter.

Psychiatric Hospital, Kedren Community Mental Health Center

Case Manager- Children’s Outpatient, 2005-2005

• Responsible for managing twenty cases of families with mental health problems.

• Translated for Spanish speaking clients. Maintained progress notes in clients charts.

• Developed relationships with representatives in other agencies to support individuals in attaining services in housing, education, medical, and mental health.

Level 14 Group Home H.V. Group Home, Inc.

Youth Counselor, 2004-2005

• Supervised at-risk risk youth in a residential treatment facility. Promoted the safety and well-being of clients.

• Counseled youth regarding social skills, behavior, and anger management.

• Documented on client’s behavior and maintained client progress notes.

• Taught clients independent living skills, money management, and positive self-image.

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    I think it's very good, yes. Maybe you should emphasize your key points a bit more.

    I hope this information is helpful!

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