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Brandon Marshall or Calvin Johnson?

Which WR will have the bigger year? Calvin might be hurt and the Lions won't have much to play for down the stretch. Marshall has been a question mark since training camp and the Broncos have a tough schedule ahead. And would you trade Dallas Clark for either?

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    I think Marshall will end up having a bigger year then Calvin. But I wouldn't trade Dallas Clark for either guy. GL

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    Brandon Marshall>>>Calvin Johnson

    Trade Dallas Clark for Tony Scheffler

    Source(s): Denver Broncos (6-0)
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    I would say Marshall for sure. I have Johnson on my league and he doesnt seem to be doing much, especially with an injury. He had a few points in the first couple games but now the points are dropping and he is benched. I would definitely keep Clark in your lineup. He has been my top 3 since the start of the season and never comes up short on points.

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    Marshall will end up with better stats. Calvin injury and rookie qb will have ups and downs. If you have a solid te back-up and need a wr upgrade then I might make the trade. Clarks numbers could drop now that gonzalez is close to coming back. He is still elite though.

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