can someone tell me the name of these russian songs?

or at least tell me the words they say in it in these 2 videos so i could search for it?( don't worry one video is 40 seconds and the next is 2 minutes)

Youtube thumbnail


Youtube thumbnail

thanks i'm desperate to find them!


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  • 1 decade ago
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    I am Russian and I don't understand a word in these songs. The sound is just so bad, it's hard to hear anything. Also, the melody itself and the dance is just so not Russian. It's probably just some new "surreal' style or something. Definitely not traditionally Russian. Also, most likely these songs will not be possible to locate, even if you knew the names. They are very random and unknown and is not something that is normally available in stores and especially on the internet. They are not something Russians would like because they sound kind of like retarded; like a traditional Russian music gone bad./

  • 4 years ago

    ?????, ?? ???? ??????? (couchman, do no longer rush the horses) it is seen as romans lyrics via employing Nilolay fon Ritter in 1905 track via employing Yakov Feldman in 1914 replaced into very generic in 1910s and forbidden in 1920 (as inconsistent with Communist ideology, and removed from all playlists

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