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If you have a Secret.

I'm doing a project research is about secret. I have three Q ....

Q1 : If you have a chance to say your secret, how would you say it?

For example :

1. I will go to the bathroom, then say it in front of the mirror.

2. I will say it in a bottle of water then I throw away the water.

3. I will write it in my diary.

Q2 : What is secret?/ What do you think about secret?


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    Because this is a project research, so my answers may not be what you need,

    so I give out few answers for your references.


    -I would tell it to my closest friend/person,such as couple/parents

    -I would type it im my diary/blog

    -I would shout it loud on the mountain/sea


    Serect is something that you do not want to tell anyone, or only share with the people you trusted! Serect can be happy or sad, for example,

    -you have a little serect between you and your lover, this is happy & sweet

    -if you did something badly, you want to keep it as a secret ,it makes you feel bad/guilty.

    hopefully these are what you need~

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    I will write it in a paper and throw it away! ^^ Very Good

    secret is"You can not tall another"

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