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mimg asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

勁急 英文作文 150字 (中一) 有二十點幫幫手

勁急 英文作文 150字 幫幫手 06:00前要有


A day with my family


要講點去 點解會去 同邊個去


第一段講 你點解會去 你點樣去

第二段講你去到個到 第一眼看到既感受

第三段講你之後又去左邊到 第一眼看到既感受 去左邊到食野


唔該大家 ps:(我係男既唔好寫d女仔野)


打錯 係十五點

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Last Saturday, my mother told me that she was desperate for new jeans. She begged me to go shopping with her. Although I think that would be very boring, I said yes, reluctantly. We went to XXX Plaza by (BUS).

    Crumbs! We saw nothing but people. We grinned as we were jostled by the crowd. All we could hear were husky whispers, hisses, hasty goodbyes and buzzes. We thrust ourselves into a jean shop and bought a trendy jean.

    Afterwards, we went to Jun-jun's restaurant to have lunch. The restaurant's specialty is their chicken barbecue with their specialty barbecue sauce! Yummy! Can't get enough of their secret sauce! Besides chicken barbecue, we shoved half the rice cake into our mouths. We were too hungry! I gulped down a cup of tea while mum sipping at it.

    I had a rushed and hurried shopping that day but I was satisfied! The food was dreadfully delicious!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Saturday , I with my friend to hiking , as weather was fine .

    Start we were to Lion Mountain by bus

    When we arrival the Lion Mountain ,

    we were to enjoy the mountain air and scenery .

    We made mountains of sandwiches before the hiking ,

    so we ate sandwiches at lunch .

    A one-hour lunch break after ,we were away the lion mountain at home .

    That day I am very happy .

    I hope will have next function .

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