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我在文獻上看到這個"Meadowfoam seed meal" 名詞 可是卻不知道這個是什麼意思?有高手能替我解答嗎?


是 Meadowfoam seed meal ....

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    Meadowfoam seed meal

    就是 白芒花籽的粗穀粉,因其發酵後 內含之glucosinolate glucolimnanthin可以研發作「生物殺草劑用﹞。MEAL是粗穀粉之意。

    Meadowfoam(Limnanthes alba)is an oilseed crop grown in western Oregon.After extraction of the oil from the seeds,the remaining seed meal contains 2-4% of the glucosinolate glucolimnanthin.This study investigated the effect of fermentation of seed meal on its chemical composition and the effect of the altered composition on downy brome(Bromus tectorum)coleoptile emergence.Incubation of enzyme-inactive seed meal with enzyme-active seeds(1% by weight)resulted in complete degradation of glucolimnanthin and formation of 3-methoxybenzyl isothiocyanate in 28% yield.Fermentation in the presence of an aqueous solution of FeSO4( 10 mM )resulted in the formation of 3-methoxyphenylacetonithle and 2-(3-methoxyphenyl)ethanethioamide,a novel natural product.The formation of the isothiocyanate,the nitrile,and the thioamide,as a total,correlated with an increase of herbicidal potency of the seed meal(r~2 = 0.96).The results of this study open new possibilities for the refinement of glucosinolate-containing seed meals for use as bioherbicides.

    Meadowfoam Seed Oil

    (Limnanthes Alba Seed Oil)



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    -Meadowfoam Seed Oil


    -Meadowfoam Seed Oil 小白花绣线菊籽油滋润抗敏. Meadowsweet Extract 绣线菊萃取液

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    -Meadowfoam Seed Oil 白芒花籽油長效柔軟保濕及滋潤作用. Menaquinones 維他命k 防止

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    Meadowfoam 是一種植物

    seed 是種子的意思

    meal 是餐點


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