What are some good Halloween attractions in AZ?

Like big haunted house type places. I've already heard of The Nest and Arizona Scream Park. Are there any others? And nothing too far out there in Surprise, Tucson, Payson, etc. Thanks so much in advance!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I'm in Tucson, so I just wanted to mention that "NightFall" at Old Tucson Studios isn't too bad. My husband and I had fun... it is 24 bucks for admission, but you can spend all night there seeing different shows and going through different haunted houses. We are 27- just so you know our age and entertainment level/range. (I hope that makes sense.) We enjoyed sitting in one of the theaters and watching a show- we sipped on an adult beverage called "Zombie Blood"- tasty, adult like, and entertaining! Also, one of the malls has something called "Phobia".... not really sure what that is, but I am sure you can google it. Good Luck and Happy Halloween!

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