Arguements against the second stimulus bill?

So for my american government class we have to debate and I was assigned to be against a second stimulus package. If someone could give me some arguments or even explanation about the stimulus bill I would really appreciate it.

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    The stimulus bill is sort of explained by Charlie's accountant in "2 and a Half Men" when he explains income vs expense. Right now, the US spends more than it earns and the recession caused it to start losing even more even faster. It's a bleeder! So like on the show, imagine you got a cup with a small hole in the bottom and you're pouring water in. The bit that goes through the hole is your expense, what stays in the cup is your reserve. A cup representing the US though would simply have no bottom. The water / money would be pouring out as fast as it came in and the bottle pouring the water into the cup (the economy) has nothing left, so they go and borrow a bucket full from China, Japan etc, and in the case of the stimulus they borrowed a bucket from the American taxpayers to pour into the cup.

    So the argument against it is that the stimulus is not a real solution, it is merely a stop gap, and since the government has seemingly done nothing with the time the first stimulus bought, it stands to reason they cannot fix the problem and that another stimulus will only make the coming crash that much harder on the country.

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    Didn't his "green"friends get enough money promised to them?

    Even though they are bragging that most of the money hasn't hit yet...

    How easy is it to spend someone Else's money? Even Chinas' money!

    If they are SOOOO careful, and take SOOO long to look at expenditures like war.....why not being just as careful about investments just as large instead of trying to shuv it down our throughts?

    There needs to be some sort of proof of the 1st one working before ANYONE conciders BORROWING more!

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