Does junk from real chance of love 2 have a sex tape?

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me and my friends in school where discussing about girls and one of them said Junk from the real chance of love 2 has a sex tape? is this true? and do any other girls from the real more
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  • Andi answered 5 years ago
most of the girls on vh1 strip or do porn
i've found nude (or close) pics or porn from real chance of love 2
baker- stripper ("high class")
hot wings
and junk
-damn i know i saw her pics n i know she's a "model" but i can't find them anywhere. i'm not sure about the sex tape though.
then theres a bunch of other vh1 girls-
and for sex tapes i know shawn from tool academy has one. (you get to see how small his thing really is)
buckwild and prancer might have one.
there's rumors that new york has one but she denies it. a lot.
hoopz and delishious also rumored to have one.
stuff i don't want to look through.
and we all know ray J's got that infamous sex tape.


sorry bout the links but ....yeah not sure if you wanted the proof or not.
anyways...there's a bunch more that you can probably find if you look through people are always posting hard to find pics n news there for anything vh1.

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alot of info thanks
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  • skjdfn56 answered 5 years ago
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  • sweetnothings<3 answered 5 years ago
    hot wings=]

    i know thier mostly strippers or have worked in porn.
    hot wings
    spanish fly
    pretty much chance girls!!=]


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  • BabyFartz_McGeezax answered 5 years ago
    Dude I think some of them do because most of them strip and **** like that...all you ot to do is find out her real name....which is most likey listed on wikipedia....infact heres the link...oddly im watching it right now....junk is a *****
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