Do I have type 1 diabetes?

I'm pretty sure I don't, but I just wanted to make sure.

**~~~!!! This is very long, so if you will take the time to read this, I appreciate it VERY much !!!~~~**

I got the stomach flu a long time ago, about two or three years ago, and I haven't been the same since. I couldn't walk for about a week, or else I felt really sick. I went to the hospital, and they said I was fine.

But since then, every day I complain about something. Every day, I feel sick. Whether it be a headache, or my stomach hurts. Maybe I feel nauseous or my stomach is upset. Maybe I just don't feel well, at all. Sometimes it muscle aches. it may be my age, I'm 15.

I have to eat every couple hours or else I feel sick. I get shaky, my stomach gets upset and my head hurts.

I suffer from migraines, and I take a prescription pill every night. I used to get migraines maybe 3-4 times a week, now it's maybe 2-3 every couple weeks.I have antibodies attacking my thyroid that my doctor is checking out. My mom has hypothyroid, so the doctor wants to make sure I don't have/get it.

I have a really bad attitude lately, again, it may be my age.

I think I get thirsty on an average basis. but I am almost always hungry. I'm not over weight though. I always need some sort of snack, and I don't want it to be that way.

Lately I've been very tired, but I've had a busy couple of weeks, so that may not be an issue.

that's all I can think of, but if I think of anything else, I'll add it in.

I have a great family, amazing parents and I don't want to treat them with the attitude I have after everything they've done for me this summer.

My brother has ADHD, he's 13 but he's a little slow so he's about 11 or 10 in his mind. And it's stressful, that may be something else you need to know.

thank you for reading all of that, thanks for your time!

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    Hi! At age 15 it's normal to be very conscious of yourself and it looks like you are aware of what's going on in your life and in your body. Sometimes the two are connected, sometimes they aren't. You ask if you have Type 1 diabetes, and based on the symptoms you've given, I would lean toward you not having it. But some of the Type 1 symptoms weren't addressed in your story.

    *Are you more thirsty now than before?

    *Do you pee more often than before?

    *Have you suddenly lost more weight than before?

    If you answered yes to these, it would be very wise to have it checked out. If you answered no, then diabetes may not be the correct answer.

    Life isn't perfect and stress happens, and these things can make us all feel ill at times. I would suggest you keep a journal of your days and list both the good and the bad things. After a week or so, go back and read the entries to see if you can find a pattern. Maybe the times you felt ill were the result of something that could be changed or avoided altogether. It's possible that you do have some kind of medical condition, but I'm thinking that you're a normal 15 year old whose body is going through changes and while it's doing that, you're also going through life at a hectic pace (I assume). It isn't easy being 15, so eat right, get enough sleep and write about your day to see what's going on in a bigger picture. Good luck to you!

    P.S. You thought your story was long...but you just got through mine! Way to go!

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    Best way to find out is go see a doctor and be tested to see if you have diabetes.

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