browser based r.p.g.?

I can't seem to find a browser based game that has really good game play, does anyone know of a good game?


P.S. A game that is not runescape would be helpful.

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    R.P.G's are really really g@y unless they are massive multiplayer online r.p.g's. I play runescape- i started as a f2p player, but if you can spend $5 a month then try it out because the day after i started i have gotten hooked and i get on whenever i can ever since i started 3 years ago.

    f2p- free to play, P2P pay to play. But my suggestion is if you start it then be a f2p and get your skills up or else u can use about 4 things in the p2p that you cant in the f2p. u get wat im sayin?

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    If you pay the $5 a month fee, Runescape is pretty fun.

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