Admissions counselor or academic advisor (or other student services professionals)?

Anyone on here who became one or the other? What made you choose the field? Do you enjoy it? And anyone who is in a grad program for either or trying to decide between them? I'd just like to see what other student services people are thinking about the profession. Thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Like most people, I fell into being an admissions counselor (what little kid says "I want to be an admissions counselor when I grow up"?). I do enjoy it very much. Higher ed is definitely a great gig!

    I will say, though, being an admissions counselor is not something you do forever (not if you want to maintain your sanity, anyway).

    As far as the degree goes, I think student services/student personnel degrees are HIGHLY overrated (my humble opinion). I'm pursuing my master's in an academic discipline that I enjoy.

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