Birthday surprise for boyfriend in Florida. Need a restaurant near Cypress Pointe Resort 8651 Treasure Cay Ln?

I am trying to organize something very special for my fiancee for his 30 th birthday. I wanted to surprise him in a restaurant (any idea). We are going to be in Cypress Pointe Resort 8651 Treasure Cay Ln

Orlando, FL 32836 for his birthday. But i don;t know florida at all. Someone can help me out? His birthday is in december. What can I organize that he remembers for all his life?

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    You will not be far from Apopka Vineland Road and on that street are quite a few restaurants that are good, though not too fancy. If budget is not a concern, i would recommend Johnnie's Hideaway in the Crossroads off Apopka Vineland. [ not too far from where you will be staying and across the street to the entrance to Downtown Disney. ] I hope you'll have a car. It is a steak and seafood restaurant with excellent food. If you eat outside, they have tables with fire pits in the middle overlooking a lake. It is very romantic and pretty but quite pricey. It'll probably cost you around 100 $ for the 2 of you but that would include appetizers and dessert and maybe a glass of wine each.

    If that is too much money, then go to the Crab House . it is in a small shopping center behind the Olive Garden on the corner of Apopka Vineland and Palm Parkway, not far from your hotel. It is mainly seafood but they have other choices and it's not nearly as expensive as Johnnies' but it won't be as memorable either but still very good.

    Of course, you can always celebrate at any Disney hotel restaurant as i'm sure you will be going there at some point. Call Disney now to book it if that is what you decide as it's hard to get a last minute reservation there especially during the holiday season. A 30th birthday party at Disney sure would be memorable.

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    What are his activity? For 20 greenbacks you're able to do lots. i could first make him a selfmade card from you. that's exhibiting you took the time to think of roughly him. i could get his well known candy, ice cream, make a birthday cake and sing happy birthday to him. Get the youngsters in touch and function them make a birthday card for him besides. so as that would depart you with ten funds. i could take the different 10 funds and purchase him his well known comedian e book? Or something small that activity him? i don't understand yet what ever it is he will like it.

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    You didn't say what kind of food you like. The following link is a review of some Orlando restaurants.

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