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What is the difference between Sociology and Anthropology?

I'm in both Sociology and Anthropology right now and they seem really similar. What is/are the big difference(s) between the subjects?

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    Traditionally, sociology was the study of ones own culture and looked at social trends and used statistical analysis and demographic data in its research. Anthropology (social anthropology anyways, the other fields of anthropology are much more easily distinguished) was the study of the other and usually involved interviews, field research, and observation in the investigation of aspects of culture. Nowadays the boundary between them is very blurry, as both sociologists and anthropologists now study their own cultures and others, but the distinction is usually still based on how the person does the research and what they are looking at in their research. Though anthropologists are using more statistical data and sociologists more interpersonal data also.

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    Sociology is the study of social human behavior, and Anthropology is the scientific study of the origin and of the physical, social and cultural development and behavior of man. So yeah, I guess it's very similar. You should do good in those classes!

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    Mostly in the methods that each discipline uses. Anthropology uses ethnography as its primary data collection while sociology uses others (surveys, interviews). Oh, sociology is stupid too...anthro is the coolest, like, ever.

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