How long has roger federer been number one in playing tennis?

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i heard its been around 237 weeks ... but just checking since i have a project due on him.

thanks (:
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Federer was the number one for 237 consecutive weeks from February 2 2004 until August 18 2008 what is the longest period in tennis history ever.
he again became the number one on July 6 2009 what he still is. his record until now is 253 weeks what is the 4th most ever (not consecutive weeks).

more weeks as number one have reached
1. Pete Sampras 286
2. Ivan Lendl 270
3. Jimmy Connors 268
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  • 10is4Evr answered 5 years ago
    4.5 yrs or so
    i know one thing
    he hasnt beat sampras' record of 6 yrs
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  • TENNIS answered 5 years ago
    around 5 years


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  • samra answered 5 years ago
    i want to know too..
    but he got the 1 more than once..
    what time you want to know ?
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