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How to get 360 Deep Waves?

I already got some 180 waves but its not deep

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    You Need:

    * Soft Brush

    * Wave Grease or Pomade

    * Wave Cap

    * Towels


    * Take the soft bristled brush and the wave grease or pomade with yourself to a sink. You may also go to your bathroom, as it will be much easier. Also, keep the towel handy with yourself.

    * Make your hair wet and damp by keeping it under running water. The best bet would be to stand under the shower. In case you cannot use the bathroom, go to the sink and take some water in your hands and wet your hair. Dry off excess dripping water with a towel.

    * Take the wave grease and apply three fingertips of it to each section of your hair. Begin with applying one fingertip full of grease your top and the crown. Then, proceed towards the sides of the head, applying till the hair that ends on your ear tips. Finish off the rest by applying it at the back of your head. In case you feel too moist, dry off the excess water and also excess pomade near the hairline with a towel.

    * Now comes the important part! You need to start brushing your hair in a particular direction so that it allows the waves to pop. Begin by brushing the top of your head starting from the brown in a forward direction. The top should be brushed the most in order to set the direction for waves.

    * Each side of your head should be brushed in a downward curving motion, which starts from the crown of your head. It should end at the place where you would be brushing down your sideburns. The curve will be formed on the way down towards the sideburns.

    * The back of the head should be brushed in a spiraling direction. This is easier to do if you can learn how to use both your hands to brush on each side. Start from the crown in a curving motion in the direction of the hair growth and go downward to the hairline.

    * In order to set the pattern, you need to repeat brushing till the time you are really satisfied with it. The more you brush; the better will be the waves. Repeat the technique in order to make it effective.

    * Now tie on your wave cap, popularly known as Doo-Rag. Wear it even while sleeping as it helps to protect the brushing from getting spoilt. Wearing the cap will give you good results for sure and will also not disturb the pattern of the waves while you sleep.

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    Here are the basic steps in doing so 1. NEVER BREAK YOUR WAVE PATTERN *#1 IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TO MAINTAIN WAVES* that includes washing, brushing. Tell your barber to cut with the grain of your hair. 2. ALWAYS USE A Moistzer after washing hair apply pink lotion while hair is wet in direction of wave pattern. 3. BRUSH THE MOISTURIZER IN THE HAIR after applying pink lotion brush dat sh!t into the hair so that it can properly moisturize the scalp. 4. THEN USE A POMADE apply whatever pomade u want and brush for 15-20 mins. (LONGER ;P DEN 15-20MIN.... BRUSH LONGER.) 5. USE A SMALL AMOUNT OF POMADE never pile your hair up with an massive amount of pomade. Use about an heresy kiss size of pomade on your finger. 6. USE ONLY A MEDIUM BRUSH OR A HARD BRUSH OR A SOFT BRUSH if u got soft hair den use a medium brush. but if u got thick as* nappy hair then definitely use a hard brush.

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