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Who is a very good agent(s) for actors in LA?

I'm not looking for a talent agency.. I need an agent. I'm looking to send our my resume and headshot but there are so many scams out there I'm not sure who would be a a reliable and good choice.

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    To get an agent, you need to get GREAT headshots, a good resume, and training from the best. These are enough to get you a commercial agent at least. Getting a GOOD theatrical agent (Film/tv) takes longer. Most good theatrical agents won’t see you unless you’re SAG, have a polished resume, and a demo reel. Commercial agents are more lenient about that. What the best Commercial agents want to see on your resume are good commercial classes, improv, and cold reading.

    You can get an agent multiple ways. Here are a few common ways:

    -Mail in an unsealed manilla envelope with a CONCISE coverletter and headshot with the resume stapled on the back. If you have a demoreel include that too.

    -Attend a showcase and impress them. By showcase I do not mean scammy conventions like IMTA, IPOP, Proscout, or Best New Talent. I mean legit ones like at Actor Connection, Reel pros, Network Studios, etc.

    -Get a referral from a friend who is with the agency that you’re interested in


    -Email them unless they tell you to. IT’S UNPROFESSIONAL!

    -Call unless they tell you to. ALSO UNPROFESSIONAL!

    -Walk in and ask for a meeting. UNPROFESSIONAL THREE!

    -Sign with them if they ask for upfront money, make you take new photos with THEIR photographer, or take THEIR classes. Agent’s ONLY make money when you do. Agents usually make 10% on film/tv and commercials and 20% on commercial print.

    Sample Resume:

    Avoiding BAD Headshots:

    Some of the Best Schools in LA:

    Cold Reading/Auditioning (Ranked from Top to Bottom)

    -Margie Haber

    -Brian Reise

    -Amy Lyndon


    -Hey, I Saw Your Commercial!

    -Chris Game

    -Stuart K. Robinson

    -Stuart Stone

    -Killian McHugh

    -Francine Selkirk-Akerman

    -Carolyne Barry

    Improv (All four are great)


    -Second City

    -Upright Citizens Brigade

    -Improv Olympic

    Scene Study/Acting (It varies. Some schools are not for everyone. Chubbuck, Eric Morris, and Howard Fine are not for people who aren't fans of Strasberg or Uta Hagen (ie. affective memory and substitution.) Playhouse West, Joanne Baron/DW Brown, and Acting Corps are more Meisner oriented. Try to audit these places and make sure if they're for you or not.

    -Doug Warhit

    -Kimberly Jentzen

    -Beverly Hills Playhouse

    -Howard Fine

    -Stella Adler

    -Ivanna Chubbuck

    -Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown

    -Tom Todoroff

    -Playhouse West

    -Aaron Speiser

    -Acting Corps

    -Eric Morris


    -Scott Sedita

    -Lesly Kahn

    Top Youth Agencies:



    Coast to Coast


    Daniel Hoff

    Amsel, Eisenstadt, and Frazier

    Top Commercial Agencies(*=definite winners):

    KSR *-Alicia Ruskin

    Abrams *- Mark Mea sures

    CESD *- David Ziff or Adrienne Berg

    Diverse *- Wendy Morrison

    Coast to Coast * -Hugh Leon

    Daniel Hoff * - Daniel Hoff

    Commercial Talent * - Neil Kreppel

    Commercials Unlimited - Richard Reiner

    Innovative Artists * - Marcia Hurwitz or Cher Van Amburg

    Independent Artists- Jenine Leigh or Laura Fogelman

    Flick Commercials- Tina Kiratsoulis

    DPM - Daniel P. Mulheran

    DDO - Marlene Sutton

    Venture IAB - Noel Palm

    Sutton, Barth, Venari * -Pam Sparks

    Arlene Thornton and Associates - Tracy Mapes

    Pantheon * -Patricia Dawson or Pierre Gatling

    Beverly Hecht -Teresa Valente-Dahlquist

    Don Buchwald and Associates *- Kristy Dax

    M. Greene and associates - Jim Lighte

    AKA * - Doug Ely

    Amsel, Eisenstadt & Frazier -Gloria Hinojosa

    Brady, Brannon, and Rich * - Judy Rich or Pat and David Brady

    Brass Artists - Jack Ianacci

    Aqua - John Kolinofsky

    Special Artists Agency - Alexandra Gucovsky

    Amatruda, Benson, and Assoc. -Kimberly Gola

    Angel City - Gwen Davis

    BiCoastal - Greta Hanley

    Clear Talent Group - Tim O'Brien

    Lemon Lime - Robin Harrington or Chaim Magnum

    LA Talent - Pam Loar or Mike Casey

    LW1 - Sean Robinson

    Mavrick - Brad Diffley

    Momentum - Garry Purdy

    NTA*- Nancy Luciano

    Up and Comer Commercial Agencies:

    -Talentworks (Emily Hope from ACME is here)

    -House of Representatives (Top theatrical agency that now has a commercial department)

    -Sovereign (Top theatrical agency that now has a commercial department)- Annalisa Babich

    -Hollywood Select Talent-Mike Sutton of Baron Entertainment is there.

    Theatrical Agents (Minus the Big 4 (William Morris, UTA, ICM, CAA) and the B Agencies(Gersh, APA, Paradigm) who do NOT take beginners) :




    David Shapira and Associates



    The Glick Agency



    Kazarian Spencer (KSR)


    Michael Greene and Associates

    Pakula King

    Peter Strain

    SMS Talent


    Stone Manners

    SDB Partners





    Coast to Coast

    Daniel Hoff

    Defining Artists

    Gage Group


    Hervey Grimes

    Henderson Hogan

    House of Representatives




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    if you stay off the internet you will avoid most of the scams. also legit agents or agencies don't look for people in shopping malls, county

    fairs or approach you on the street. if your looking for an independent

    agent you need one that does commercial and theatrical. some

    agents do both some do one or the other. an advantage of an

    agency is they have all the acting depts. under one roof so you

    can do film,commercials,print work or voice work and not have to go looking for agents that handle those things. a good agent is one who doesn't have a lot of clients that look like you, you don't want an agent that has a ton of people that look like you. there is enough competition

    when you get on interviews, you don't want competition in your

    own agency just to get out on interviews. a good agent is the one who gets you on everything that fits your character and age that comes up.

    if they do that their the best agent for you. you need to be near where the acting work is and your agent needs to be close to you and where the work is. no agent will take you if your not in traveling distance of

    what their going to send you on. you need to be close enough to

    where the interviews are that you can drop what your doing and get to the interviews on time. you don't always get a lot of notice on

    when you have an interview. they might call you at 8 in the morning

    and tell you to be somewhere at noon. you can get a copy of an

    acting trade magazine in hollywood called VARIETY, it has everything to do with show biz. in it. agents,managers and casting directors

    have ads in it. open calls for local theater,student films and ind.

    films are in it also. acting classes,coaches and photographers

    are in it.

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