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Can you make a hot tub cold?

was wondering if you could turn the temperature on them to make them cold in the summer? Like, not freezing, but just like a swimming pool normal temperature?

Just a random question. I have no idea where it really came from.

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    Yes but the higher Temperature helps kill the bacteria.

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    Most hot tubs have temperature controls that allow you to set the temperature as low as ~80 degrees - a typical temperature for a swimming pool.

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    On mine, you can turn the heater completely off, but honestly the lowest temperature is around 80 degrees and I think the lowest the temp has ever gone with the heater off is 75 degrees, not much less. That being said, on a triple digit day, 75 degrees does feel "cool" as compared to the heat in the air.

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    Turn off your heater, fill the tub and start adding ice cubes until you hit the temp you want.

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