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Free video editing program?

What is the best FREE video editing program? So far I´ve used Windows Movie Maker but I´d like to do more sophisticated videos and WMM isn´t good enough for it, I´d like to use more advanced program.

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    i think your stuck with WMM

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    Hmm, well.. there is a trial for Sony Vegas Pro that can edit videos in a whole new way, and there's more to work around with.

    Or if you have a Macintosh, you can use iMovie to make videos, but if you don't have an Apple computer, its not really free.. :/

    Oh and there is another trial for Adobe's After Effects, which can make loads of professional looking videos!

    I'm not sure if there are completely free video editing programs out there, but even if you can't find one, there is always a way to download the trial products for free if you wanted... :P

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    An advanced program would be Kdenlive

    It's mostly for Linux and Mac and FreeBSD.. but if you want to use it even if you have windows you have 2 ways:

    1)Burn the iso on a dvd and make start the dvd when you boot the computer

    2)Install a virtual machine such as VmWare and then configure a virtual computer and put the iso in it..

    or you can try wax

    Looks like Sony Vegas, but to me is very "instable" (to me it crashes :D )

    For windows there isn't much.. you can try jahshaka, but it's a bit hard..

    I forgot, there is still one zs4

    Not that bad but I never used it :P

    Avidemux is a soft of VirtualDub to add some effects to videos, but it's not like WMM.. it's a help :)

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    You want free video editing software, that's better than WMM?

    .. For free you won't get much unless you steal a good one. That's illegal and I can't tell you to download a good program using utorrent and a torrent you'd probably find on,, or any other torrent sites.

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    Advanced Video Editing is a good choice. It extracts Single Video Frames to Image Files.


    Friendly interface allows performing the following operations:

    Conversion of different video formats

    Video De compiling (Supports recompiling to the following image formats (BUMP,GIFF,NG,JP EG,TIFF,EMF, WMF,PXC,TGA,J2K,RSA) and much more)

    Easy to use (just One Click of a mouse)

    Convert multiple video files at once (Batch Conversion).

    Registered users get free upgrades for one year

    Download here:

    Try it~

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    You may take a look at this website, it collects many free video editing software, I'm sure you will find one you need.

    Or you may try this all-in-one video editor, my friends recommend it to me, it's easy to use and works pretty well for me. It embeds many special effects. I had made a video with it and the video got award, that's pretty cool.

    Hope it helps. Contact me if you have any other question

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    Theres one already in your computer,

    and its all free,

    go to Start>Programs>Windows Movie Maker

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    try video spin or the others on the list below

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