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Can you name some/all of these celebrities?

I don't expect you to name all of them but if you could at least name a few and possibly include what they do that would be great!

(I will give best answer)


Yeah, sorry about the circled ones, when I found the picture it was already like that!

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  • Sandy
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    1. Naomi Campbell (model), 2. Lady Gaga (singer), 3. Kevin Jonas (singer/actor), 4. Nick Jonas (singer/actor), 5. Christina Aguilera (singer), 6. Ashlee Simpson (singer/actress), 7. Joe Jonas (singer), 8. Jennifer Aniston (actress), 9. Adam Brody (actor), 10. Oprah (celebrity/t.v. personality), 11. Nicole Scherzinger (singer), 12. Rihanna (singer), 13. Gerard Butler (actor), 14. Hugh Jackman (actor), 15. Brad Pitt (actor), 16. Lindsay Lohan (singer/actress), 17. James McAvoy (actor), 18. Pink (singer), 19. Eric Bana (actor), 20. Kristen Stewart (actress), 21. Celine Dion (singer), 22. Chris Brown (singer), 23. Daniel Radcliffe (actor), 24. Anne Hathaway (actress), 25. Taylor Swift (singer/actress), 26. Nick Carter (singer/actor), 27. Drew Barrymore (actress), 28. Eva Longoria (actress), 29. Mariah Carey (singer), 30. Tyra Banks (t.v. personality/actress), 31. Robert Pattinson (actor/singer), 32. Pete Wentz (singer), 33. Nicole Richie (actress/singer), 34. Britney Spears (singer/actress), 35. Zac Efron (actor), 36. Eminem (rapper), 37. Jessica Simpson (singer/actress), 38. Madonna (singer/actress), 39. Ashley Tisdale (singer/actress), 40. Katy Perry (singer), 41. Hayden Christensen (actor), 42. David Beckham (soccer player), 43. Chace Crawford (actor), 44. Beyonce (singer), 45. Angelina Jolie (actress), 46. Justin Timberlake (singer/actor), 47. Paris Hilton (socialite/actress), 48. Hilary Duff (singer/actress), 49. Not sure

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    2. Lady Gaga. She sings.

    3. Jonas Brother... I don't know which one. He produces horrible music that only attracts 12-13 year old girls.

    4. See number 3.

    6. Is that Ashlee Simpson?

    7. Another one of those Jonas kids.

    8. Jennifer Aniston. Actress.

    10. Oprah Winfrey... I've always known of her as a talk show host with a big head.

    12. Rihanna. A singer...

    18. Pink? A singer who is somewhat odd.

    22. Chris Brown. R&B artist?

    23. That Harry Potter guy. He plays as Harry Potter.

    24. Anne Hathaway. An actress.

    25. Taylor Swift. Country singer.

    27. Drew Barrymore. Actress.

    29. Mariah Carrey. Singer, but ehhh. D:

    30. Is that Tyra Banks? If so, model, host of Tyra Banks show.

    32. Pete Wentz. Plays in the band Fall Out Boy.

    34. Britney Spears. Singer.

    35. Zac Efron? That Disney actor.

    36. Eminem. A lyrical genius. One of best rappers of today.

    37. Jessica Simpson. Singer and actress.

    39. Ashley Tisdale, a singer? And a Disney actress.

    40. Katy Perry. She kissed a girl =0 (singer xD)

    45. Angelina Jolie. Actress.

    46. Justin Timberlake. Singer.

    47. Paris Hilton. Sl- uh... I mean, socialite? xD

    Well, that's the best I can do. =)

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  • 1 decade ago

    2. is Lady Gaga-singer

    3. Kevin Jonas-singer/ actor.

    4. Nick Jonas-singer/ actor.

    5. Christina Aguilera?- singer.

    7. Joe Jonas-singer/ actor.

    8.Jennifer Aniston- Actress.

    10. Oprah Winfrey- Talk show host.

    11.Nicole Scherzinger- singer

    12 Rihanna- singer

    16. Lindsay Lohan- Actress/ singer.

    18. Pink- Singer.

    20.Kristen Stewart- Actress.

    22. Chris Brown- Singer.

    23. Daniel Radcliffe- Actor

    24. Anne Hathaway- Actress.

    25. Taylor Swift.- Singer

    27. Drew Barrymore- Actress.

    29. Mariah Carey - Singer.

    30.Tyra Banks- Talk show host/ actress/ model.

    31. Robert Pattinson-Actor.

    32. Pete Wentz- Band singer.

    34. Britney Spears-Singer.

    35. Zac Efron- Actor.

    36. Eminem- Singer.

    37. Jessica Simpson- Singer.

    38. Madonna- Singer.

    39. Ashley Tisdale- Actress/ Singer.

    40. Katy Perry- Singer.

    44. Beyonce- Singer.

    45. Angelina Jolie- Actress.

    46. Justin Timberlake- Sunger.

    47- Paris Hilton- Singer.

    48- Hilary Duff- Actress/ Singer.

    I hope I helped! :)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    2.Lady Gaga(singer)

    3,4,7 Kevin,Joe and nick Jonas (Singers from band Jonas brothers)

    8.Jenifer Aniston(Actress)

    10.Oprah(Talk show Host)

    11.Nicole Scherzinger(Singer,Lead singer of Pussycat Dolls)



    21.Celine Dion(singer)

    22.Chris Brown(singer)

    24.Anne Hathaway(Actress)

    26.Nick Carter(Singer from boyband Baskstreet boys)

    27.Drew Berrymore(Actress)

    16.Lindsey Lohan(Actress)

    34.Britney Spears(singer)

    35. Zac efron(Actor)

    40.Katy perry(singer)

    39. Ashley Tisdale(Actress and singer)

    38. Madonna(singer)

    30.Tyra Banks( Model and talk show host)

    29. Mariah Carey(singer)

    28. Eva Longoria(Actress)

    15.Brad Pitt(Actor)

    25. Taylor Swift(singer)

    36 Eminiem( Rapper)

    37.Jessica Simpson( Actress and singer)

    47 Paris Hilton( model and actress)

    46 Justin Timberlake( Singer and was in boyband Nsync)

    45 Angelia Jolie( Actress)

    44. Beyonce( singer and was in Destiny's child)

    48. Hilary Duff( Actress and Singer)

    5. Christina aguilera ( Singer)

    9.Adam Brody( Actor)

    31. Robert Pattitson( Actor from twillight)

    32. Pete Wentz ( Singer from band Fall out boy)

    1.Naomi Campbell (model)

    42.David Beckham(soccer player, married to spice girl victoria)

    6.Ashlee Simpson(singer and actress)

    13.Gerard Butler (actor)

    14.Hugh Jackman (actor)

    17 James McAvoy (actor)

    19.Eric Bana (actor)

    23.Daniel Radcliffe (actor, he plays in movie Harry Potter)

    20.Kristen stewart(Actress from Twilight)

    43.Chace Crawford (actor)

    41. Hayden Christensen (actor)

    No idea on 33 and 49

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  • hi (:
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    2. lady gaga - singer

    3. kevin jonas - singer

    4. nick jonas - singer

    7. joe jonas - singer

    10. oprah? - tv host(?)

    12. rihanna - singer

    16. lindsay lohan - singer/actress

    22. chris brown - singer

    23. daniel radcliff - actor

    24. anne hathaway - actress

    25. taylor swift - singer

    29. mariah carey - singer

    30. tyra banks - model/actress/tv show host/producer

    31. robert pattinson - actor&singer(?) he sang for twilight soundtrack..

    34. cant really tell. looks like britney spears - singer

    35. zac efron - actor

    36. eminem - singer

    39. ashley tisdale - singer/actress

    40. katy perry - singer

    43. chace crawford - actor

    44. beyonce - singer

    46. justin timberlake - singer

    47. paris hilton - singer/actress/producer?

    idk if you just wanted the circled people. but those are all the ones i know haha.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Wow Sandra that is impressive.

    Is the other one Jennier Lopez?

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