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I have a problem with iTunes, can someone help?

I used to have 2 computers at home, but the one which my iPhone was synched to blew up, so i wanted to use the other computer, which my son already has an iTunes account on for his iPod. I cant work out how to have 2 seperate iTunes accounts, it wont let me, and it is causing all sorts of problems, and trying to erase everything on the phone and replace it with the library on the computer, which I dont want obviously, because we have completely different tastes in music! And it seems there are even further problems with my apps, it doesnt seem like you can have different lists, just the one, and everytime either of us wants to sync, we have to go through manually checking and unchecking the apps everytime, which is a right PITA!!! I have tried signing out of his account and signing into my own, but anything I download still wants to go into the same library as all of his stuff. This is pi**ing me right off to the point of having visions of strangling Steve Jobs!!! Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    make more than 1 itunes library/account on 1 pc: in this link, where it says 'hold down the shift key', continually hold it down while clicking the files until the little dialog box opens.

    using multiple ipods on 1 pc:

    how to share music between different itunes accounts on 1 pc:

    using 1 account's money for other accounts or 'gifting' a purchase to another person: you can buy items and send the download link to another person. or 'gift' items to yourself if you have different accounts, but money in only 1 account. scroll to the bottom of the page at this link for details:

    sync new songs without it replacing the other songs on your iPod: open iTunes, Select your iPod in the Source pane. Click the Summary tab. Click "Manually manage music and videos", Click OK . Click Apply.

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    1 decade ago

    You can plug your iPhone to your son's computer and transfer music from your iPhone to the iTunes on his computer with a third-party program and then add new songs to the iTunes and then sync your iPod to the iTuness.

    On the third-party for transferring music from ipod to computer ,i would like to recommend Aniosoft iBackup,It enables you to transfer iPod's music and other content to any storage device and iTunes as well. And both the backup in the storage device can be recovered and restored with no any change and no any risk.And the data in the iTunes is quite in accord with the iPod's data including its playlists,rating and etc.

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  • 1 decade ago

    you should of had home sharing which allowed to share content from computer to computer within the same household

    try setting up different users account as in before logging in into your sons computer account make up your own account im sure itunes will be transfered into that account too like it does here on my computer

    and try and see if you can share some files from your sons users account to that of yours you know like public file sharing but imnot sure how that will work out.

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  • 1 decade ago

    to prevent his computer from automatically syncing you iphone up the top of the screen select edit, then preferences, then go to the tab labeled devices and select the check box that says prevent iphone/ipod syncing automatically.

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    1 decade ago

    I( hate ITUNES!!! AHHH

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