List of chemotherapy and radiotherapy centers for cancer in patients in Malaysia?


I would like to know where could we get a list of chemotherapy and radiotherapy centers with contact number and address in Malaysia? I have tried to search for it on the search engine but with no luck.

Could someone offer some advice for me?

Thank you.

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    if you ask me, these are the top three around the kl region =)

    nilai cancer center (NCICH) --> near KLIA, it's about 15 minutes from the ktm train station, after the roundabout and mosque. just next door to nilai university college, actually. here there's nice greens all round, relative to the other two places. the food tastes a lot better, and worst comes to worst you could sneak out to the uni next door (if you're able to walk) to get better grub.. also the easiest to sneak out because you can bribe the guard with teh tarik on the way back too! the people here are like family, too! =p but seriously, the best thing is that they do a lot of research, clinical drug trials here you could be part of if you qualify =) so you save a lot of money on chemo you'd otherwise be paying for.

    university malaya medical center (UMMC) --> in pj, near the KWSP building. the hospital is semi-private, semi-gov.. tx is the cheapest here, only minimal fees but you still have to pay for your own drugs. but bear in mind that it's a teaching hosp so there are mostly trainee doctors and housemen here, some of whom i may say lack expertise to say the least. i've met a few who've been downright rude. and then there are those everlasting grand rounds giving you little to no privacy. but i must say though there are several fantastic oncos here! =D *and another thing, security here is the tightest. they guard you here more carefully than they would prisoners! almost impossible to escape, even to go down to the hosp cafeteria! on the plus side, if you DO manage to sneak out, there are 4-5 cafeterias to choose from!

    subang jaya medical center (SJMC) but they last year they changed the hosp name to sime darby medical center. it's in USJ, near sunway. but the food here is the most terrible. unless you don't mind/ are rich enough/ can stomach eating steak at the 'windmill' everyday!

    Source(s): personal experience =)
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    Chemotherapy and radiotherapy have so much side effects, pain, hair loss, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, changing thinking and memory etc.

    So, if you get to cancer unluckily, the minimally invasive therapy, such as cryotherapy, immunotherapy, interventional therapy, nanoknife etc, has gained good reputation and trust form numerous cancer patients due to its advantages of small trauma, few toxic side effects, quick recovery and good efficacy. they would the cancer treatment options to cancer paitents.

    cancer hospital in malaysia no have the therapy yet, so many people go to singapore, china receive the treatment, make higher survival rate.

    In china, the well-know cancer hospital is Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, China. as international cancer hospital, people for malaysia who suffer cancer will go to this as first choice, because of the good service and high standards of treatment technology.

    This is a suggestion, the other cancer hospital in malaysia and guangzhou always the other choice.

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    NCI Cancer Hospital

    PT 13717, Jalan BBN 2/1

    71800 Nilai,

    Negeri Sembilan

    Darul Khusus



    Tel: +606-850 0999

    Fax: +606-850 0733

    Visiting hours:

    Mon - Sun : 9am- 9pm

    Outpatient hours:

    Mon - Sun : 24 hours

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    Here is some good info on Cancer that is not mainstream because it doesnt generate profits for big pharma!

    Youtube thumbnail (the story of vitamin B17)

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    ask your local Dr's

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