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singular and plural (not easy)

I have developed and expertise in account acquisition, new territory development and management, and contract negotiation.

In addition, I am familiar with blueprints, part number breakdowns, and the bidding process of our major accounts.

I find the above 2 sentences in a cover letter.

For the second sentence , why use "plural" for all nouns?

For the first sentence, why use "singular" for all nouns?

But clear there will be more than 1 acquisitions, developments, managements and negotiations.


thank Marcus Yeung

but i notice some imperfections in my questoin because of computer problem.


= plural


= singular

hope easier to read

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    The nouns in sentence 1 are PROPER NOUNS.

    They usually refer to specialized objects or places, and are usually capitalized.

    e.g. English Department, Introduction to Christianity... etc

    There should be no plural for proper nouns, like Introductions to Christianity; English Departments... that is WRONG!!!

    The nouns in sentence 2 are COMMON NOUNS.

    They refer to general objects or places, and are usually NOT capitalized.

    e.g. bananas, systems, brief introductions... etc.

    Common nouns may have plural form as they are referring to general objects, describing names and also quantity.

    So why not acquisitions, developments...? Because in your sentence they are used as proper nouns, referring to specialized area, like subject knowledge. So no plural form is allowed.

    And why plural for the nouns in sentence 2? Because the nouns are describing common skills. So plural form is used.

    Source(s): myself.
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