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幫我翻成英文 謝謝m-_-m

我要介紹的是air gear的故事。

我有有關air gear的漫畫和小說。






為了追求更快更高,他們將超小型強力馬達裝置在輪子上,使用高性能的懸吊系統和強壓避震器,創造出跑得更快飛得更高的air treck!


air gear就是一個這樣的故事!





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    I would like to introduce air gear's story.

    I have the air gear's comic novel.

    Because can't take a comic book, so I brought a novel.

    Linear wheels, you didn't play roller blades, that people say?

    But no matter what would some crazy guy.

    The speed of light is on fire so that they have been unable to meet, and possible special effects wheel shoes!

    They stepped stunt wheel shoes, walls, the handrails, marathons, railings and flip, jump!

    In pursuit of a faster, higher, they will be installed in an ultra compact powerful motor wheels, use high-performance suspension system and the investigation of heavy shock absorber, creating a run faster fly higher air treck!

    To this time, even other people have also begun to vaguely aware, aware of the street is the way, the people turned out to be able to fly!

    Air gear is one such story!

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    I would like to introduce is the air gear story.

    I have about air gear comic books and novels.

    Because they can not take comic books, so I brought a novel.

    Line skates, roller skates even if you have not played, but also heard people say that, right?

    But no matter what place is always some crazy guy.

    Biao speed alone can no longer allow them to meet a result, "special round of the shoes? Produced!

    They foot stunt wheel shoes, in the handrails, walls, bars and pole racing, slide, flip, jump!

    In pursuit of faster and higher, they are ultra-small powerful motors installed in the wheels, using high-performance suspension system and the strong pressure shock absorbers, run faster and fly to create a higher air treck!

    By this time, even the other people began to vaguely aware, and aware of the street space is the road to a person aware of the original can fly!

    air gear is one such story!




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