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I can't afford my student loans... should I commit suicide?

I don't have many other options. Fleeing the country, suicide, and the military are the only ways out. But the military won't even pay half of my six figure debt. Oh, and it's six figures because of Sallie Mae interest.

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    well, you know, you could always fake your death and get a new identity. That's a lot easier.

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    Sallie Mae is run by a bunch of greedy jerks that expect people to pay on loans when they haven't even finished school or have jobs.

    You can actually call and ask them to extend the loan to the maximum payout of 15 years so the payments are lower due to financial hardships. They send a paper, you sign it, and your life gets a little easier. If you don't pay it you don't pay it, it will just kill your credit but in this day and age who doesn't have some bad credit.

    I would NEVER commit suicide over a silly thing like a loan.

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    If your even thinking about suicide go get immeadetly im serious dont just go on meds, and fleeing the country would just create more problems, suicide is a permenant solution to a temporery problem, and its never ever that bad and if you do you wont just be hurting yourself but friends and family aswell and you could cause them to fall undepression

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    no just keep applying for deferments that will hold u over for like 10 years w/out havng to mke a pmnt --I once heard a comedian say that he is 50 and still owes money on student loans--he said by now he could have robbed a bank for the same amt of money and did his time and been out of jail LOL

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    are you sure the military wont pay for it?

    im in the army reserves. I have college first on my contract, my g.i. bill and a 40,000 enlistment bonus.

    i'm in the good and i joined for school reasons.

    best decision i have made in my life.

    i suggest go to branch recuiters and see what each branch has to offer.

    the military will help you out and they will take care of you.

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    the military just came up with post 911 GI bill it'll cover more than 6 figures in three years if you live in california

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    Money is never a reason to end you life!!

    Look, you're not going to be thrown in prison over it. Just pay what you can. Try a credit counseling place.

    Whatever you do: don't end your life. You need professional help right now if you're in this level of crisis. Please seek it because you are precious.

    It will be ok. Someday this will be a bad memory, but a memory nonetheless.

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    What? No and then why do you have internet if you can't pay your bills. Try the military and then try getting a job/ borrowing from friends/family. There are other options from that to.

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    Be aware that private student loans are not discharged upon the borrowers death. Meaning, your cosigner is required to pay off your student loans upon your untimely demise.

    I have several other options.

    1. Get a job or a second job

    2. Get a third job

    3. Marry into money

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    Im nosy so I read your other questions, you said in one of your post that you are a CNA. I am a RN and my school loans where around 15k that's it. You should have paid them off as soon as you finished school!! Simply start paying them off now, worrying about it only makes it worse.

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    No! Suicide is not the answer! I'm sorry, but I don't know what you should do but I do know suicide is not the answer.

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