U.S.A.F. SERE (spiked hair)?

i want to be U.S.A.F. SERE specialist will they allow me to have my hair spiked? AFTER i become one (i dont mean to sound like a jackass but i am determined to get in) im only asking cuz it could get wavered i mean pilot can why not special operations operators ? AND YES SERE IS CONSIDERED SPECIAL OPERATIONS i mean is it too much to ask 4 spiked hair in the MILITARY (ya i know u gotta get shaved hair b4 basic but im asking after i bec6me this t.. .,.................


S.E.R.E. survival evasion resistance escape is a Special Operations Force, look it up. USAF SERE specialist/instructor teach pilots and other SOFs SERE skills in a all types of enviorements.

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    USAF SERE Instructors are not in any way shape or form Special Operations. They have no combatant mission. They are instructors .. teachers .. educators and advisors. That's their mission and that's the extent of their operations.

    They are not an operational component of RQS or STS with PJs, CCTs and SOWTs nor SOF-TACPs.

    If you are looking for a Special Operations careerfield .. you will not find it in SERE. You can tell yourself it's SOF all you want .. it won't change it.

    SERE instructors teach Pilots, Aircrew and Special Operations Forces. Understand that .. they TEACH .. they don't preform combat missions. All personnel recovery missions are handled by Pararescuemen .. that's their job.

    If you want to be Special Operations .. you need to look at PJ, CCT or SOWT. Those are the only Special Operations careers you can attempt to try out for on initial enlistment in the Air Force.

    If you want to teach .. become a SERE instructor. It's a great job .. a lot of great training and some great opportunities to work with Special Operations forces as an advisor (NOT an operator.) There are also other opportunities within the SERE community itself that, while they are not Special Operations, are quite interesting and challenging.

    I assume you're young .. so it's not too much of a concern right now but you better do A LOT more research before you attempt to join the Air Force and you better get a reality check or you will be very disappointed.

    As for your "spiked hair," .. you will be in the military. You will have to adhere to a uniform standard and that includes your haircut. If you choose to style your hair in a "spiked" fashion with the length in regs .. it will be up to your command to allow it or not. You can do what you wish with your hair outside of work .. twirl it, twist it, spike it, weave it .. no one will care.

    Source(s): US Air Force Special Operations (Pararescue)
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      I just ask the USAF on there site and they said SERE instructors are special operations . and also if u go the The USAF page they are listed under it to. plus they have to pass the PAST test to. http://www.airforce.com/careers/#interest:special-operations

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    1) I <3 USAF..

    2) SERE is not Special Ops.

    3) Why are you using a '6' as and 'o' in the word "bec6me"?

    4) Yeah you can have "spiked hair" as long as it's still short.


    SERE is a Special Ops -school- yes. Special Ops people go through it.. What I'm saying is, SERE is not part of AFSOC (Air Force Special Operations Command). SERE itself is not Special Ops... Also, women are allowed to be SERE Specialists = not Special Ops.

    You can call it what you want, just letting you know, SERE may train Special Ops, they may be attached to a Special Ops team... they themselves... not Special Ops.

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    You must follow the standards in the AFI. If it falls within the regulations you can, though I'm not sure exactly how spikey you are talking. You likely may have to keep it more moderate while in uniform. When not in uniform you can spike it however you want.

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    It really depends on your commanding officer. Some will be more lenient with hair in "regs" than others. I am pretty sure, however, that you can't spike your hair with a lot of gel. They take uniform requirements pretty seriously here in Korea, at least. My husband's hair was touching his ear by like a millimeter and his commander called him out.

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    most military people know sere is a spec. ops school, sere just means if you no how to get away from the bad guys

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    I'm sure you can..see guys all the time with spiked hair in the AF.

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    They let me spike my pubes, so I'm sure they will let you

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