bridesmaid wedding speech?

I need a good wedding toast speech to give at my cousin's wedding. Any ideas would be helpful?

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    1 decade ago
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    Awh, I am a B2B but my cousins wedding is weeks before mine, and as her MOH, I am privilegged to have this bestoyed upon me, but the speech, well, I am starting out by talkin bout briefly how we grew up inseperable, how we were litterally best friends and still are, and the nigght her fiance called whilest they were still dating and I answered her phone, and he made a hilarious joke, thinking it was her, and I laughed so hard, and once she heard what had happened she and i laugh to this day, then ill talk about how brian is the perfect man for her, and how special he really is to be able to marry such a beautiful carin bride, etc..... then the toast to finish it up is the joke brian told me, and how i hope the fun-loving, times in their lives never end nor theier love

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    I've constantly visible it performed on the practice session dinner. Usually the bride offers the bridesmaids a few piece of jewellery to put on for the period of the marriage ceremony so all of them fit. The bride offers items to the bridesmaids, and the groom offers the items to the ushers and quality guy.

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    Talk about the good times you've spent together, don't reveal too much (at least not things that should go unknown). Talk about you childhood together. No matter what you say, I'm sure it will be nice since you know her so well and for so long.

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