What is the deal with the NFL Quarterbacks?

There are so many bad QB's this year. This is a terrible year for QB's. There is Brees, Brady, Manning,Favre, Ryan,Flacco, and Eli Manning that are doing good, but look at the terrible QB's. There are so many this year. Campell, Russell, Derek Anderson, David Garrard, Josh Johnson, Jake Delhomme, Jay Cutler, Shawn Hill, and now Mark Sanchez. It is a terrible year for QB's. The NFL needs some better Quarterbacks. Look at all the crappy teams. The Bucs, Chiefs, Redskins, Panthers, Lions and rams are all kinda embarrassing.

What's your opinion on the lack of good QB's?????

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You're forgetting the Titans and Kerry Collins. They lost 49 to 0 at New England today. I think it's just a coincidence that this many quarterbacks are having bad years. But don't worry there is a very good quarterback class coming up for next year.

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    Um no this is not the year of terrible QB's there have been terrible QB's every year since the NFL started. It's just that you took more notice to it this year. Any team that is struggling usually has a bad Quarterback, and every year in the NFL there are struggling teams.

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    Every QB has bad year or 2. Probably just a coincidence that all those u named and a few u left out just having a Bad year this year

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No Aaron Rodgers? He is actually pretty good when he actually has time to throw.

    No Kyle Orton? He's thrown only one pick this year and is doing enough to help the Broncos win games. What, he isn't a good QB just because he isn't slinging it down the field and producing 300+ yard games?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Lions are the better team then all of those teams that you named at the Bottom

  • jojo
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    1 decade ago

    Brady made records today so take him out of your list! He is finally getting his mojo back

    Source(s): Pats 59 Titans 0
  • 1 decade ago

    Roethlisberger is the man

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