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Microsoft Word 2003, Times new roman font is always Italicized?

Well the above pretty much says it, anyways relatively smart with computers (IE i can program simple things and stuff) but this just stumped me... regardless of the font size it is always italicized, i mean pushing the Italicization button does nothing now but it still thinks regular and italicized are different, yet they are italicized exactly the same amount, which also causes me to lose points on essays sometimes at school which kind of pisses me off due to i can't ******* change it! Can anyone help?

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    If the Italic button and CTRL/I have no effect, I suspect one of the font files for TNR was replaced with another (probably Times New Roman.ttf replaced by Times New Roman Italic.ttf) in your C:\Windows\Fonts directory.

    Copy the four Times New Roman.ttf file from just about any other Windows machine to your C:\Windows\Fonts directory and see if that doesn't cure the problem.

    Don't forget to close all copies of Word first.

    Hope that helps.

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    Times New Roman Ttf

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    the element device is quite everyday so a ways as i be attentive to, so 12 element circumstances New Roman must be 12 element circumstances New Roman. it may seem diverse because of the fact your Mac's reveal has a various (probable greater) pixel density than that of the college's computing gadget, or because of the fact the text fabric is smoothed with a quite diverse technique on OS X vs. homestead windows. as long as you keep the paper right into a format which you be attentive to would properly be actual examine by using be conscious as properly (possibly something extra common, like RTF), and probably take a pair minutes as quickly as you're there in simple terms to benefit it over in be conscious and be sure each little thing made it contained in direction of the transition, it is going to be super. better of excellent fortune!

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    • Click "Format Menu"

    • Font

    • Times Roman, Regular, 11

    • Click "Default" in the lower LH corner

    • OK




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