Why do Philly Fans think they are so cool?

Phillies fans, Eagles fans, Flyers fans ,and sixer fans think they are so cool. They are cocky. Look what happened to the Eagles today. hahaha

The Dodgers will come back and beat the Phillies in this Series so don't worry.

go West Coast teams. Dodgers, Sharks, Raiders, and Sacramento Kings.

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    1 decade ago
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    Because Philadelphia has nothing else going for it.

    ** Dude below me, how is ThinkBlue trying to be cool he is just pointing out the fact that during tonight's game Philly fans proved they are assholes.

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    You know what I think is cool? It's now the fourth inning and the Dodgers are down 6-0. How is that for cocky? At least all the fans here will fill the stadium and stay in it until the game is over, win or lose. Obviously it will be a win. Dodgers fans like you are pathetic. It's only a matter of time and we will send you guys back home so you can enjoy an early start to your off season (again!) as the Phils take a shot at repeating as world champs. Somebody please just make sure manny has enough estrogen to make it through the last few games.

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    eagles fans are not cocky..

    we are passionate..we want to win

    and we'll show it..

    we lose and we do what any other fan does..get mad..

    so chill the **** out..we're just like

    everyone else just have more heart and passion for

    the game...may sound cocky..but any fan would say their

    team is the best and they have more heart..

    so why can't i say that about the eagles???

    i'm a west coast fan to..considering that i live there..

    so if eagles fans are cocky..then so are USC's and

    dodgers and angels and all of that...don't let a few fans

    make you think that thats the way all the fans are...

    GO EAGLES and GO USC east coast+west coast

  • 4 years ago

    basically one time in my life have I had a difficulty with Philadelphia followers, and that grow to be final 3 hundred and sixty 5 days as quickly as I went to a Pirates/Phillies pastime. a minimum of 0.5 of percentPark grow to be taken over by utilizing Phillies followers and the Phillies pounded the Pirates 12-4. i think of I basically bumped into basically some Phillies followers I enjoyed. everybody else grow to be an entire a$$hollow. different than that, all of the different Pirates/Phillies or Penguins/Flyers video games i've got been to, I bumped right into a bunch of cool followers, or maybe speaking with them with reference to the pastime and their communities. each team has fool followers, so no you possibly can desire to stereotype Philly followers as no longer something yet idiots. i've got considered Steelers, Penguins, or maybe Pirates followers provide opposing followers issues (I went to the Pirates/Tigers pastime the night after the Penguins beat the pink Wings in pastime 7, and a few Pirates followers have been trash speaking Tigers followers, and that i even observed one Pirates fan unload beer on a Tigers fan), and no person in the media says a observe.

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  • Not all of us are. Trust me, I know plenty of people who are not. My whole school loves the Phillies, and plenty are not cocky. And you think Philly sucks, Most of our history is there. So shut up. And all fans can be cocky, it's their team, they love them. You get into the team when you see it, your emotions take control and you just want to win. You people are so stupid, you see one fan being cocky and you say "Oh, Philly fans are trash and they're so cocky. Ahaha. We are so much better." You suck. People like you make us cocky.

    And Us cocky?! You sound like a cocky little **** yourself.

    And I was watching the news and all you Dogers fans were leaving because Phillies were winning. One fan tried to stick the middle finger up, like 5 were freaking out. Half your fans are stuck up little *****. Now shut up and watch the game. AND DON'T LEAVE. STAY UNTIL IT'S OVER!!!

    ahhahaha. 11-0. I don't think your so cocky any more.

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    Every team's fans are cocky. It's part of what the games are all about. Get over yourself, west coast. Our fans show you what it really means to truly love our teams. What's the harm in that? We're all just looking for something to believe in.

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    Enough with the stereotypes. Seriously, not all Philly fans are like that.

    "The Dodgers will come back and beat the Phillies..."

    Cocky? WE'RE cocky? Hypocrite.

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    1 decade ago

    Um, because it's true? We're passionate. We'll shove it in your face when we win. We stand tall when we lose. We don't just ''look to the future.'' We take the heat. To be honest, most of us could care less about the Sixers. In general, most Americans could care less about Hockey. Canadians got the advantange on us. Flyers fans are pretty passionate though and had to deal with it from Penguins fans. It's the Phillies and Eagles who show this city's passion and love. And in reality, most of Philly is so poor they can't even watch or go to games. It's actually the suburbs - many of which are not even in the state of Pennsylvania, who have this extraordinary type of passion I resemble.

  • You know what's really cool? 11-0 in the 8th.

  • 1 decade ago

    At least we don't have to worry about running from Mudslides when there isn't Wildfires. They have wildfires in hell I'm sure, but I figure they get a break from the Earthquakes and mudslides.

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