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Is Ag^+1 a caution or anion?

Also were electrons lost or gained?

How can one figure out how to tell if it is a caution or anion?

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    Ag^+ is a cation.

    Ag must lose an electron to become Ag^+ cation.

    Positively (+) charged ion = cation (e.g., Ag^+, NH4^+)

    Negatively (-) charged ion = anion (e.g., Cl^-, NO3^-)

    In order to determine if an ion is cation or anion, look for the overall charge of the ion --- if it is positive then the ion is cation, if it is negative then the ion is anion, and if there is no net charge then it's not an ion (it maybe an atom, molecule, or a radical). Ion means a chemical entity carrying some charge (positive or negative).

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    Its a cation. Cations always have a positive charge and ions always have a negative charge. I can always remember that cations are positive because i tell myslef that cats (cations) have pos (paws). I dont know how much that would help you but it helps me lol

    Source(s): my hs chem class lol
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