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do male enhancement products work or are they fake?

i've seen alot of crap on TV about male enhancement does it work and if it does which one is better or is it fake or do they help but not like they say

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    Well, from my personal experience, it all depends on exactly what you're looking for. No, there is no such thing as a male enhancement to grow your penis by 2-4" inches. It is impossible for a single pill which I actually used several types of "get-bigger-pills" for more than 3 years jumping from one, to another and nothing meaning no size gain of not even an inch.

    However, there are many pills online that are a scam and completely fake which all they want is your money. Especially those free trials samples. Yet, there are actually a few male enhancement such as the VigRx Plus which have cured thousands of men worldwide in sexual impotence for over a decade. Basically, all it does is make you hornier and if conjuction with an extender, pump or penile exercises, it "may or can" help increase penis size since it boosts up blood flow to the male organ. But not just the pills alone won't work to add size if that's your looking for.

    Btw for your sexual needs and safety, I'll handle you the link where it tells you exactly what it can do and not. This is the most one that I personally trust for sexual function, health and impotence.

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    Male Fake

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    it is mostly bullshit..

    extenze may work because its main ingredient is DHEA and this is a hormone manipulator and makes more testosterone which could potentially add like half an inch or somthing....woohoo!....

    the real way doesnt happen over fact nothing does...

    the real way to enlarge your penis is 100% free and is basiacally 3 excersizes that you do for 6 months to a year to add 1-2 can add more than that but it will take longer.

    and girth is what women really care about..we care about length cuz it gives us more confidence, but girth is all that matters sexually..

    the pills other than extenze will only help by increasing blood flow and providing recovery to the penis after the workouts...

    i dont take them but i do take protein shakes after i workout, and i do PE while i work out and its going pretty good...ive been doing it for 6 months and ive gaines 1 1/2 inches...

    it takes hard work and patience..

    oh and the less you masturbate the more you gain.

    DONT EVEN CONSIDER SURGUY..all the do is move the suspensatory ligament down and this is the easiest part to stretch. plus its expensive...

    if anyone is selling you anything its not worth it...all you need is your own two hands and some common sense

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    Professionally speaking, THEY DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. There's no pill, capsule, cream, lotion, spray you can purchase with or without a prescription will make your penis larger unless you have ED then it's only temporary that's why there's class action law suits filed against them. When these companies offer a FREE TRIAL they usually ask for a credit card number and end up charging your account sooner or later. If you feel you have been cheated there are surgical interventions that can make your penis somewhat longer and injections of your own body fat that can increase girth. If you feel that there might be some underlying medical issues that have prevented full growth of your penis you can see a ENDOCRINOLOGIST but your age might be an issue

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    Scams..I'm a female and I can honestly say it does not matter. Yeah, all things equal, the bigger guy will feel better because there's more pressure..but all things are never equal. If you are open and confident in the bedroom, and have a hurricane tongue, no woman will complain! Good luck.

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