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Has the Department of Justice answered any of your questions on this site?

Maybe So?


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Eric Holder Targets Rightwing Bloggers--Including this One!

There are rumors floating around that the Department of Justice has hired a group of ex-democratic bloggers to troll the internet for websites that are critical to President Obama and post comments that demand support for his policies.

I can say that I have seen some troll activity on this site from lefties, but I didn't think anything of the situation...until now!

The Muffled Oar first reported on this revelation:

The Muffled Oar has received a great number of tips from DOJ employees about activities taking place within the Department since Holder became Attorney General. The Muffled Oar will monitor, sort and report this information. The Muffled Oar welcomes other whistleblowers to report on any corruption or political motivation going on in the Department.

Regarding the DOJ Blog Squad, some other blogs have noted that DOJ appears to be visiting and monitoring their postings critical of Obama.

Then a website called the Hippo's A** reported on the fact that the DOJ had visited their website:

Back in August I posted a few videos of Rep. John Dingell's Town Hall on Health Care. Over the next few days I wasn't surprised to see a few visits from House.gov and Senate.gov on my web site. As you can see, near the bottom of my blog is a counter that tracks visits to this site. I can't tell who visited, but I can see what I.P. address they were using.

Imagine my surprise that a few weeks later I see that someone from DOJ.gov logged onto my site.

So, I decided to check my site stats from a website I use to track activity to this site, and low and behold I found a visit from the United States Department of Justice.

They were on this site for almost 1 hour! I have proof of this if anyone questions me, and once I can figure out how to put a snap shot up on the website, I will prove that the DOJ appears to be trolling rightwing and libertarian websites. I will also keep looking to see if they come back and document that as well.


Here is one of the visits from the DOJ:


There are others, and I will get those up soon as well.


One of my contacts just had a totally legitimate question removed. Her appeal was rejected. Her source happend to be this very website above. Here's the link..



So what do you think?


Hey folks I'm with Sandy! Let them know that we know their game. I like the way this blogger turned the tables on them. Way to go!

Update 2:

"Gestappo." LOL I can just picture Bawney Fwank in a Sgt Shultz uniform showing up at your door Edg hahaha!

Update 3:

Yeah Tom that's a thought. For the record, the question I'm referring to had absolutely nothing that could be considered offensive. It was simply information that didn't reflect well on the current administration.

Update 4:

Hey BeeBee I hope you're feeling better. I did notice you haven't been around much. I thought maybe you were just tired of libtards ;)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well, Well, Well ...

    ... Now we know why Y/A has been allowing so many Troll Attacks to succeed ! They fear that the USDoJ will use Federal Regulations to punish Y/A for stopping the Censors (Trolls) So the USDoJ has found a way to bypass that "Pesky" First Amendment, and retain legal deny-ability.

    It's a shame that the so-called media simply don't have enough sense to realize that if the USDoJ gets away with this, they (the so-called media) Will be next.

    9min. later Edit : I remember back in the '70s and the so-called media nearly always referring to the Nixon White House and it's "Bunker Mentality" and then not all that long ago, comparing the Bush White House in the same way; this White House paints those previous ones as "Bon Vivants" in comparison .

    Secretary Holder is looking more and more like Felix Dzerzhinsky than ever did J. Edgar Hoover or Alberto Gonzales !

  • TomT
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    1 decade ago

    All in all I've posted perhaps 100 questions under different accounts and don't recall having more than one or two deleted. I have wondered, though, if YA doesn't permit special interest "super trolls" who are at liberty to click "abuse" a single time and have a question or response automatically disappear. I've seen this happening on an increasing basis over the past few weeks when there seemed no legitimate reason for the question being deleted other than the fact that it reflected negatively upon Obama or the democrats.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well, I've posted many questions on here, but I've never had one answered by a member of the DOJ, at least not that I KNOW of anyway. Now, that doesn't mean that a DOJ employee has not been monitoring what I post in way of questions/comments, or even if a DOJ employee has actually commented on one of my postings, I'm just saying they haven't *identified* themselves as such. This is serious stuff L.T.M., very serious...it is not a game. Thank you for posting this.

  • 1 decade ago

    Barney in a Sgt. Shultz uniform HAH! I can actually picture that... "I KNOW NOTHING"!! You know what's really bad is the fact that so many of the Libs have no problem with this happening! Can you imagine if Bush had done this? So far I haven't had this happen to me, at least to my knowledge, but somehow I doubt they are going to answer our questions & sign it D.O.J. Wonder who the Y/A Czar will be?

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  • canam
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    1 decade ago

    During the campaign YA was a nightmare. Obama trolls were reporting every question and answer that did not support him. Freedom of speech is a constitutional right. If obama and his henchmen think they can scare people into supporting his radical marxist agenda they are sadly mistaken.

  • Sarah
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    1 decade ago

    This news makes me really mad that we the tax payer is paying someone to spy on us. Don't these people know that we elected them to run the country not spy on the American citizens that might be against his policies and also spending our hard earned money on foolish programs. Every president has had both good and bad said about them but none of them did anything like Obama is doing. He childish, not sure of himself, and needs to retaliate.

  • 1 decade ago

    What do I think? It doesn't surprise me that this administration is so paranoid that they'd have to hire czars to watch sites such as Y/A to find out that there's thousands of people who don't like what their government is doing. It's paranoia at it's highest. So, I want to take this amazing opportunity to let those czars know that yes, I'm one of THEM...you know...those crazy right-wingnut Republicans. So, watchya gonna do about it? Yeah, I thought so. Liberty is only as great as those who use it. So use it...or lose it. <*)))><

  • 1 decade ago

    They ignore all rules for everything and think because they are mosly blind/deaf Democrats that they are above the law , nothing would surprise . As of yet I do not know of any contacts I may have had for them.

  • 1 decade ago

    I haven't been on much lately due to illness , But I am not afraid of them. I speak what i believe to be the truth when i answer and i will not back down for what i believe in. and I believe Obama is a racist ,and i stand by that. until he proves me different.

  • bozieu
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    1 decade ago

    This poor trollers try to make some money as traitors.

    And next they will betray their new masters if they get more from an another.

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