Fox News vs. White House?

I'm just wondering if the White House claims Fox News to be wrong about anything, why don't they come onto the news to show them "wrong". So far, I haven't seen any stories that have been manipulated in any way, but if Fox News isn't right on the dot, why can't they come onto Fox News to debate it? They also have to understand that some of the shows are opinionated and have the right to freedom of speech. And do you fear that perhaps we aren't getting all the true information from the White House?

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    By criticizing Fox News, the White House really meant to criticize the American people. They wanted to remind people that the majority of the programs on Fox News, such as the Glenn Beck Program, and the O'Reilly Show, are opinionated programs and not news programs, as part of the public has been treating them. When it comes to the News on that channel, its not nearly as unbaised as other networks, but it also isn't anywhere near as bad as the White House claims it to be. It does voice Republican Opinions, but after all, the purpose of news is to tell you the news, and if Fox News wants to add some opinion to that news, then they should go ahead. People will or won't watch, and the White House can't control that.

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    Fox News is rated #1 news program in our country! Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, and Sarah Palin have books that have remained #1 on the New York Times Best Seller's List and all three books have competed for the number 1 position since the beginning of summer!

    President Obama has chosen Fox News as a "Fall Guy" or "Scapegoat" for his own inadequacies as President! He needed to target something or someone.

    President Obama came in as a royalty! However, even the liberal news has reported his failings!

    Up until a month ago, Obama was stunned/shocked to hear that the majority of our country is watching Fox News now and will not watch the liberal networks because of being fed bull crap for 20 years now.

    In Washington DC in the political arena, this kind of publicity is only hurting Obama not Fox News!

    Of course, I know my answer will not be chosen as the BEST.

    However, it is the TRUTH.

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    It is most folish for Obama, his administration and the white house to take up any media organisation. Like Obama and coitree has a right to voice their opinion and views, Fox also has a right to do so. It is not essentia, that the media has to be a YES-MAN to those in power. And Obama as such is a media created personality - he should be doubly careful. Media if they can create a hero, and bring him down too.

    Here in case of Obama - in bringinghim down, the only danger is the social fall-out. Nobody will take it as failures of a President. It would be termed as since Obama is black, the media is anti him.

    As long as vested interests are at the back of the whole game, this will continue. We have to have a Free, Frank and fearless media. At the same time, those in power, should learn to respect other's views also.

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    If those in this administration have nothing to hide then they should go on Fox News.

    It's fear that keeps them from appearing on Fox. Fear of the questions and fear that they might get tripped up and reveal the truth about what Obama and his playmates are trying to do to America.

    Obama said he would be the president of all the people except those damn Conservatives.

    Heaven help us!

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    Of course we are not getting the whole truth from the White House, but Fox News certainly isn't giving out whole truths either.

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    You don't argue with the half-wits, dim-wits and nit-wits at Fox not the news. That just encourages their publicity seeking. Fox should be charged with false reporting and being a danger to children.

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    When was the last time any White House administration gave us all the facts? Transparency my a**.

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