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So, is Glenn Beck going attack John McCain for quoting Mao too? Won't his agenda be exposed by ignoring it?

Barack Obama hasn’t quoted Mao, Anita Dunn did, but Glenn Beck would like to have you think that it’s the same as Obama saying it. John McCain, a member of our Congress *HAS* quoted Mao, these are words from *HIS* mouth and on numerous occasions at that:

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In a phone call with the *WEEKLY STANDARD*?! What?!-

^^^ that same one highlighted, I know that’s a long article

(1:50, “Let’s let a thousand flowers bloom”)

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Understand though, I have *NO PROBLEM* with John McCain… he’s cool people, but wouldn't it be clear that Beck's agenda is about smearing Obama rather than exposing supposed "commies"?

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    You're looking for consistency from a schizophrenic?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It has always been clear as what Glenn Beck's agenda is. He says it everyday. As far as McCain goes, do you remember he lost the election and maybe quoting Mao was part of the reason so it is no longer relevant to the situation. Republican or Democrat all incumbents should be voted out in 2010. I do not trust any of them. Oh by the way Glenn Beck is not a big McCain fan, he did not want to see him in office and he has clearly stated that. I believe he was hoping for a better kind of "change" from Obama not the communistic or socialistic government he is taking us into.

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    Do you watch Glenn Beck or just run your mouth about things you don't know?Beck doesn't like Mcain anymore than 0bama and said that McCain would have been a worse president than 0bama.McCain is not in the White house so it (at this point in time) is not as important as the people in the White House that believe that Moa was one of the greatest

    nice try

  • Will
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    1 decade ago

    Beck suffers from the same selective memory syndrome as most conservatives. Even though he professes not to be one. I guess it's contagious just by being a cheerleader for the Republican party. As far as him dealing with facts. Why would he start now. His facts checkers have the easiest job in the world.

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  • Eric
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    1 decade ago

    Do you see McCain in the white house? Obviously we did not like him for various reasons.

    Obama himself said we should judge him by the people he surrounds himself with.

    How many people like Van Jones and company do you need to see around the president before you wonder where HIS head is at?

    Unless you agree with Van Jones and people like the new FCC diversity Czar.

    DO YOU?

    Did you know Beck already said he did not like McCain’s politics, so now what?

  • Jeff S
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    1 decade ago

    He might for 2 reasons----First they(cons) now consider McCain a RINO.Second he is up for re-election in 2010.

    The only reason he might not is because McCain was the presidential candidate last year.

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    good point, i'm guessing glen will have a "new" demon to attack come monday...and i watched your clips where it showed mccain quoting mao (on the senate floor) and then later denying he did so. And i watched jon stewart's clip, too. Man, i love the Daily Show, stewart is so quick, isn't he?

  • SuzyQ
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    1 decade ago

    Good finds --- this is just a pi**ing contest between Anita Dunn and Glenn Beck. How embarrassing for all of us.

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    Beck feels free to criticize anyone he chooses, not being bound by political restraints.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    McCain does not idolize the greatest mass murderer in human

    history like Obama's adviser confessed to doing!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Wrong she sees him as a mentor, that is the difference.

    He murdered 70 million people and she admires him that is the problem.

    But then when you associate your self with these kind of people as Obama has one must worry.

    Van Jones: (CZAR) Black Nationalist, Communist.

    Carol Browner: (CZAR) Socialist, member Socialist International. her name was mysteriously removed from the list when she was made Czar.

    Marilyn Katz: SDS, Socialist, Consultant Public Relations to Obama.

    Carl Davidson: SDS, Marxist Socialist, Professor, Small school workshop.

    Mike Klonsky: SDS, Maoist Communist, co-founder Progressives for Obama. Had his own blog site on Obama`s campaign web page.

    William Ayers: SDS, Weatherman, Communist, Professor of teachers, has worked toward a Communist America for 40 years, Small schools workshop.

    Bernadine Dohrn: SDS, Weatherman, Communist, Professor.

    Mark Rudd: SDS, Weatherman Socialist, Professor.

    Tom Hayden: SDS, Weatherman Socialist, Professor, Co-Founder of Progressives for Obama.

    Rev. Wright: Black Liberation (Socialist) Racist Church, Pastor.

    Rashidi Kalidi: PLO, Jew hater, friend.

    Tony Rezko: Mobster, business associate, friend.

    Frank Marshall Davis: Communist, CPUSA, mentor for Obama as a teenager.

    Raila Odinga: ODM Communist, Obama campaigned for him in Kenya.

    Richard Falk: IADL Communist, Professor, friend.

    Vivek Kundra: (CZAR), confessed thief, his associates are under investigation.

    John Holdren :(CZAR), Co author with Paul Ehrlich of,

    "Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment", They advocate totalitarian world order and secret mass sterilization of population.

    Gregory Craig: ACLU, Specializes in representing Communists. His clients among others include Castro and the Sandinistas. Obama`s White House Council.

    Cass Sunstein: (CZAR) Progressive Constitionalist (Socialist) Professor, friend. Wants legal 'rights' for livestock, wildlife with PETA and ACLU as their lawyers.

    Anita Dunn: Socialist/Communist, Obama`s Communications Director. She finds Chairman Mao, who murdered 70 million people, to be her Philosophical mentor.

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