was the Charles Taze Russell God's "faithful and discreet slave"?

He created the watchtower organization, right? does that make him the faithful and discreet slave?

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  • jen
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    Charles Taze Russell did not claim any special revelation, just," time for the clear unfolding of the truth." From age 27 [ born 2/16/1852 ], he

    spent 37 years seeking, searching and found God's time at hand.

    After Daniel was at Babylon #3, Judah kings end, Matt.1:1-17, 606 BCE, now at 2009 CE, that was 2615 years ago.

    Charles Taze Russell told the bible students, 606 BCE to 1914, did equal the 2520 years after Babylon, that Daniel was giving.

    So 1914 CE, WW1 of 42 months began, times 30 days each month is 1260 man days [ after 1260 and 1260 of God's time in years, after Babylon, this I do add ], Rev.11:1-3,12; 12:6,14, 13:1-5,6-10. All this about the 1260 days, or 42 months [ this is believed by the world, the same as the begats, as if God is not smart enough to do this or that ], God gives here in the book of Revelation after Daniel in Babylon #3.

    I can only speak for myself, I see God's view, and Mr. Charles Taze Russell's view. It was time for this to be revealed as bible prophecy, he understood that, it was right on time, so at age 64, 10/31/1916, Mr. Russell died knowing that the 2520 years after Daniel, at Rev.11:1-3,12 and the 1260 days, were passing, it would end in 1918 and he died 1916.

    In this life one merely has time to understand a few thing pertaining to God's word, and make it known. This knowledge staggers the mind of all lovers of God and Christ, God gives it to the seeker, the searcher, the believer in his word as truth.

    Rev.17:6,10-14, Satan will be down all of the 8th that is of the 7, after Babylon was #3, from Rev.12:3,4,6-11,12, for his short time in the time of the end with Michael.

    This is fulfilling prophecy that few people even know is there in the bible for these past 95 years, the question is [ Rev.9:1-5 [ 5x 30 = ] 150 days, yes [ but other? ], the pit is open for Satan, God's sealed are there, onto Michael cast enemies down, Rev.12:3,4,6-11,12, for the short time of Satan, Michael is in the time of the end, I see Dan.12:1-9,10-12 as [ 2x 1335 = ] 2670 years and Rev.11:1-3,12 as [ 2x 1260 = 2520 years, in God's time ], 2520 years less 2670 years is 150 years for Satan's short time down, Michael is there to, 1Thes.4:15-17, the caught up to be with Jesus, now is 2615 years after Babylon, 95 years after 2520 years [ is it of 2670 years? Daniel is giving ], now at 2009 CE, time for children of the light of times and seasons, 1Thes.5:1-9,21,22; to be sure of all things, the last 50 years of truth on the earth is very important, Matt.24:3, 7, 14, 15, 21-22-24, 34, 36 [ God alone knows the day and the hour ], but God can give all time otherwise, children of the light are different from children of the world that are worldly.

    Source(s): Bible.
  • TeeM
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    No, He never claimed this.

    After his death some of the early ones, who left the organization tried to make him such.

    You can still find his writing, being printed by this group.


  • 1 decade ago

    It makes 'him' a Heretic and a Fraud!! (JWS is a Toxic Cult!!) Beware!!

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