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What do you have on your computer desk apart from your computer?

I have just bought some better

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    1 decade ago
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    CD's, dead batteries,sweets, pictures of the children, printer pen holder, files for my degree,squeezy grip for my circulation and build my forearms,headphones, voipkit,peachstone,speakers,scissors- the list goes on and on.

    I'm not very tidy but am happy with anything rather than a boring old screen to look at.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Going from left to right,

    Second spare non-functioning computer


    bottle of throat gargle,

    felt tip marker pen


    spare USB hub

    invoice book

    a box of coins

    a bottle of flavoring essence

    3 pens


    more coins



    more coins

    half empty packet of paracetamol

    7 bundles of Zimbabwean banknotes

    assorted bills


    256mb memory card

    more coins

    computer operation manual

    1 opal

    3 diamonds

    a dozen assorted quartz gems

    computer monitor

    computer keyboard

    more coins

    packet of Tic-Tacs

    bag of 50 cent pieces


    2 pieces of Wooly Mammoth ivory

    More coins

    grocery receipts

    Credit Card

    notes and papers

    New Zealand coin set

    Computer speakers

    Pair of single bed fitted sheets

    cordless phone and base

    mobile phone earpiece

    bag of plastic ziploc bags


    coin catalog

    old mobile phone

    book on treasures of the ancient world

    Glass cabinet shelf

    Printer ink refill (black)

    plastic template for marking gems shapes

    dome head bolt



    paperback novel

    old lolly wrapers

    cotton wool


    emery paper

    exercise book

    jewelery magazine

    these are all the things on my desk they do not include things under my desk or in the shelves above my desk

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  • Ok lol i have on my computer desk

    1- A Harbour Taxis contact card

    2- and empty pint glass that once contained Juice

    3- An ashtray that is soon to have another cig in it since im thinking bout it now lol.

    4- Bit of paper and pen for when i come up with bizarre thoughts on questions to ask on here.

    5- Multiple leads that i don't need or use

    6- Ronan keating songs for my mother cd ( dust covered ) that some women left here.

    7- A bottle of Almond oil

    8- bluetooth Dongle

    9-3 remote controls

    10- And lastly my Feet lol i really must clean up this S**t

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Monitor, scanner, laser printer, inkjet printer, 7 external hard drives, card reader, 8-plug power adaptor, blank CDs and DVDs, photos and slides I have scanned or am going to scan, papers, labels. In fact so much junk there is not room to move the mouse. It's optical so I move it over my hand. Only one speaker as I have a 5.1 system so only the central speaker is on the desk.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Speakers, a hair bobble, part of an envolpe, dust, screen cleaner, hair brush, purple pen, pink light-up pen, hair clip red, hair clip pink, learning how to drive CD Ikea LOTS leaflet thingy, Shell drivers club card, webcam, cup stand thingy, paper as big as the enter key, a stack of A4 sized paper, a water bottle, a fan/light, raffle tickets, I am legend the book, the rest of the envolope, another pen that is black.

    BRB I need to clean the desk...

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  • wasko
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    3 years ago

    My computing gadget table is a pine dressing table with 3 drawers on exact of it I even have the apparent with inhaler/bill/audio gadget/stapler/telephone/coff... mug(helping extra advantageous than espresso)/pencil etc., cannister/dish/photoframe/lamp/mouse(pig... final yet no longer least my hands and palms as much as the wrist as i'm typing lazily. Thats around 16things eh? no longer undesirable for any such small area however the pen holder is composed of around fifteen issues you be attentive to.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sea Salt & Somerset Cider Vinegar crisps, notepad, pen, speakers, CD, plant arrangement and a coaster.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Speakers, Wii, xbox 360 and a Tv.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    2 books that I'm writing a comparative essay on. Lots of notes strewed across the desk, speakers, a stress-ball, old mug of hot chocolate, a glass of water, pot full of pens.

    I need to tidy up...

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  • 1 decade ago

    Slimline speakers, printer, land line 'phone, diary, 1 book, 2 DVDs.

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