Deflected Force Of電子 係 Earth

At a point near the equator, the earth's magnetic field is horizontal and points to the north. if an electron is moving vertically upward at this point,what is the direction of the magnetic force acting on it? Explain.

My answer is East., Using the left hand rule, the thumb point up,finger point north, the palm point east. The direction of deflected force will be horizontally to the east

Am i right? Do i need to add more?

ty !

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    Your answer is right, but your explanation is wrong.

    The equivalent current direction for an electron moving vertically upward is vertically downward, since conventional current direction is opposite to that of electron flow.

    Hence, applying Fleming's Left Hand Rule. Middle finger represents direction of current, is vertically downward. First finger, represents direction of magnetic field, is pointing horizontally to the north. The thumb, which represents the direction of magnetic force acting on the electron, will be pointing towards East.

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