**!!!He wants me , and she wan'ts him ...!!!**?

Okay so one of my , i guess i can say friends ex is flirting with me a lot. Hes cute and i must admit im definitely attracted. But i don't know if flirting back or even getting with him would be the right thing to do. As much as i want to , i don't want drama. And she's the type that makes big deal out of little things. So imagine this. I think he might be worth it but you tell me, should i take the risk ? or just not pay attention to it? what do you think?

i really need your help. My friends give me advice but for some reason i listen more to people i don't know. haha.

so help is much appreciated, thanks in advance :)

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    A true friend would understand your position and give her honest opinion without blowing a fuse. If she does, then hopefully she'll apologize and you can move on. If drama is what you are afraid of, then the worst she can do is say "I told you so" if you break up.

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    Talk to him first and her second. You'd better understand what you're getting into. If she is what i like to call a self-centered drama queen (no offense if sh isn't). You could be looking at turning a normal situation into a soap opera. I would ask him how he feels and her indirectly how she would feel. This could turn out to be a little deeper and possibly humorous than you think. For example, he's trying to make her jealous.

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    my experience you don't ever mess with a friends ex its like already marked territory. even if she says its ok, if he does any little thing he used to do with her she'll cringe in jealousy and BOOM world war 3 girl drama style! :) thats my opinion.

    Good luck!

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    he may be flirting with you to make his ex jealous.

    is he newly out of their relationship?

    others do it just to spite their exes. be careful

    also there's too many guys out there, why ruin your friendship cause of a fling with the ex?

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  • 1 decade ago

    too confusing

    i dont understand anything you said

    i cant tell if youre the guy or the girl

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    Friends go first, your friendship is way more valuable. I can tell you that, friendship is forever. Relationships can only last so long.

    Answer my question please?

  • 1 decade ago

    yeah but i want her

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