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why do people love elmo so much?

hes creepy

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    Elmo has a strong following to children because

    he is one of them ... and they can relate {whereas

    the other muppets are mostly grown-ups that talk

    down to the children}

    Adults {some of them} like Elmo because of his

    wide eyed innocence and his child-like persona

    What is not well known about Elmo is that he

    wasn't always Elmo...

    Elmo was once just one of the regular monsters

    of Jim Henson's that kinda' just blended into

    the background ... the puppeteers did not know

    what to do with this non-gender specific monster

    puppet that fairly resembled a young Grover ...

    Although the character was in use from the early 70's

    it wasn't until Kevin Clash gave Elmo a child's life in

    84 that he became Elmo


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