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marijuana high feels like alcohol effect?

for some reason both of the effects feel the same except alcohol just feels way more stronger and weed feels like im kinda tipsy .....

is this normal?


wow... i think im gona have to do a lot of weed today and drink a lot of alcohol tmrw to see the difference

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    weed is totally different from booze. Booze takes things way out of your control where as weed just leaves you feeling kinda tired and relaxed.

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    weed is simply much more complicated, it explores the mind in many different aspects, however alcohol is simple and nearly the same feeling every time. Also, you could always get more high but with alcohol if you drink up to a certain point you will pass out or vomit.. or both.

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    I guess it depends on what kind of weed you smoke it can make you laugh, talk to much, or just relax when on the other hand alcohol gets you going but when the night is over its a downer and makes you sick. The effect of alcohol last longer than weed.

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    Sounds like you've had to much to smoke already. One beer has @ 1 ounce of alcohol and couldn't possibly have a noticeable effect.

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    Marijuana makes you a lot more relaxed (at least for me it does).

    Alcohol gets me pumped up and makes me want to party or go out. (Edit: or sick)

    They should not share the same effects.

  • How many stoners have jumped to their death off a building? Far more than drunks!

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    weed makes you feel good all the time but being drunk gets you dizzy and retarded like salvia

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