the crucible act 4 questions?

1.why has rev hale returned to salem? what is he advising the condemed to do?

2. what is the difference of salem at this point?

3. how does andover differ to salem?

4. how do the proposed hangings of rebecca nurse and john proctor differ from the past executions?

5.what does rev parris want danforth to do?why?

6. what do hale and danforth request of elizabeth proctor?

7. what happened to giles corey?

8.what is john's excuse for confessing?

9.what is elizabeth's proof that john is a good man?

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    i dont hve all the answers but some.

    1. rev hale, returns to saf the lifes of the people that are innocent. and he is advisinbg them to confess, because he feels guilty for not being able to bring this ridiculous case to truth.

    4. john proctor is willing to confess him self to save his life, but because thats not enough the court want other names, and he isnt willing to do. john and rebbecca see it as it is gods view and he will know what the truth is.

    6. because it might soften john proctor to confess himself after he see`s his wife. in this time you just got married to get married but john proctor really loved his wife.

    7. he is press with large stones and dies

    8.he wants his life, he want to tach his sons to walk like men in the world, he want to be with his wife and like everbody else hes afraid of death

    9. he is willing to give his name but no one elses, he wants his life to be with his wife.

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    1. He came back to save the condemned by trying to get them to admit to witchcraft.

    2. Abby ran away, so everyone now knows the girls were making it all up.

    3. They dont want to get involved in the trials.

    4. Neither will confess, even though encouraged to.

    5. He wants him to postpone the hangings so they have more time to encourage the condemn to confess.

    6. They want to get her to convince Proctor to confess.

    7. He got pressed under rocks for not pleading.

    8. Because Elizabeth wanted him to live.

    9. He doesn't go along with Danforth and everyone else, and defies all of them. Elizabeth forgives him.

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    We are not here to do your homework for you. Try actually reading the play. It has been over a decade since I was in a production of this here is what I remember.

    1. To speed up the trials, he advises people to confess.

    2. More people have been caught up in the witch hunts.

    4. Nurse and Procter are upright citizens of Salem

    5. Don't remember

    6. Convince her husband to confess.

    7. He is pressed to death

    8. To save his life

    9. He did what was morally correct. "He hath is goodness now, god forbid I should take it from him."

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    she left b/c she became mendacity, that's additionally why the area hadn't replaced. Arthur Miller became attempting to warn human beings to no longer 'leap on the bandwagon', getting caught up in mayhem, and by no skill to lie on your benefit or for everybody else's/to remedy your issues.

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