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I have 3 kids, with twins on the way!?

They are:

Morgan James is 2 1/2 and looks just like J.R.

Brent Thomas is 5 years old and has brown hair and green-blue eyes.

Joshua Ryan is 7 years old and has light brown hair and green eyes.

My twins are both girls.

Their names are going to be:

Charlotte Jane (Charlie) and Novella Shay. (Ella)

Please rate my childrens names! And what are your childrens names? What do they look like?


Hey Hunter! I cant tell if your a boy or a girl! Morgan is a male name!

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  • TX Mom
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    Your names are all US history, western US. They've been around for generations, and they are classics. Charlotte and Jane are right along the same lines. I see a cohesion. Novella and Shay, however, must be an out-of-the-box name for you. Novella is okay, though I've never heard it before, but it is soft on the tongue, like Charlotte & Jane, and flows together quite well. If it passes the "meaning" test, I'd say you're doing well.

    TX Mom

  • 1 decade ago

    Morgan James-6/10 I like James. I don't like Morgan, for a girl or a boy.

    Brent Thomas-7/10 I don't think it flows right, but the names are all right. I prefer Brett or Kent over Brent. But it's not bad.

    Joshua Ryan-9/10 I really like both names.

    Charlotte Jane-8/10 I love Charlotte. Jane seems a little plan with Charlotte though.

    Novella Shay-4/10 I dislike both names.

  • Krissy
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    1 decade ago

    Morgan James is cute

    Brent Thomas is alright

    Joshua Ryan is cute too!

    Charlotte Jane I like a lot. Novella Shay, not so much. I like Ella Shay more, there is something about Novella that just don't sound right. And Ella fits in better with your other children's names IMO.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    (Hunter is a girl btw)

    Morgan James 10/10 I love this name for a girl or boy (Morgan) its a really nice name, and well put together!

    Brent Thomas 9/10 Brent is a really nice strong name for a boy. i love this combo!

    Joshua Ryan 8/10 i adore the name Ryan, Joshua and Ryan flow nicely together, love it!

    Charlotte Jane 10/10 so damn gorgeous i love it. My mom was considering naming me Charlotte but she picked Breanna, i wish she named me Charlotte!

    Novella Shay 10/10 Novella is gorgeous, ive never heard of it before, i really love it. Shay is lovely aswell. Great names!!

    I dont have any kids, too young! but i do want to have a big family like you!

    names i like












    Novella (i love it, its adorable)















    best of luck, Breanna!

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  • Lo
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    1 decade ago

    Morgan James: 6

    Brent Thomas: 8

    Joshua Ryan: 9

    Charlotte Jane (Charlie): 5

    Novella Shay (Ella): 7

    Good luck ~I LOVE Derek

  • 1 decade ago

    Morgan James-cool

    Brent Thomas-good

    Joshua Ryan-cool

    Charlotte Jane-cute

    Novella Shay-nice

    I have 3 boys and we're trying for a girl, but I have names picked out whether we have a boy or girl.

    Hunter Ryan is 8

    Rourke Ryan is 7

    Teagun Ryan is 5

    If I have a girl, Abree Elle or Abrielle Hannah, and if its a boy Dane Ryan or Dean Ryan

  • 1 decade ago

    Morgan James... dont like

    Brent Thomas... like

    Joshua Ryan... love!

    Both twins are cute

    my girls are Kaitlyn Elisabeth and Jennifer Renee

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Congrats on the Twins!!!

    *Thinks about having twins someday...*

    I'd Love to have twins, someday Too!

    But anyway, back to the Question.

    I've always Loved Charolette and I've never heard of Novella, But It's one of the prettiest Names I've heard in a long time! I love both of them a LOT!!!!!

    I'm in College, But I Definitly Plan on having Children Someday.

    Good Luck & Congrats again!!!

  • Sher
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    1 decade ago

    Charlotte is cute,but Novella and Shay are NOT..just name her Ella if your going to call her Ella..

  • 1 decade ago

    I think Morgan is VERY masculine, and it completely disgusting on girls. No offence intended.

    I like it. James is my godsons MN, and my friends name ;)

    Brent is my sister's Father in law's name. It's O.K.

    Thomas 9/10, cute :-)

    Josh is always a good name, Ive met nothing but good josh's 10/10

    Ryan is my little cousins name :-) 10/10

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