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Has anyone ever used Ace Cash Advance to get a short-term loan?

or whatever that place is called.

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    a cash advance is a quick way to get a loan if you need it before you get paid however be prepared to pay that loan back on the due date. The full amount plus all charges. The one I know of charges $51 for a $500 loan. This is a very large fee for such a short term. If there is a person you can borrow from you would be better off. Good luck

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    These days, it is almost impossible to stay out of debt; outside pressures from family or work can sometimes be the cause. All is not lost if you have acquired a bad credit score; there are many online bad credit loan lenders to help. Money provided to a person experiencing financial hardship is no different to any other type of loan and can be used by the applicant in the same way.

    There are other reasons bad credit loans may be required such as for domestic emergencies, unforeseen circumstances or for consolidating previous debts. It is not uncommon for a person to arrange a loan just so they can repair their damaged credit history. They may not require the money for any specific situation.

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    I cash my checks there but don't get a loan there. you have to pay a shite load back in interest & fees. It's a scam & crap. I need a long term loan LOL! The interest is high. as the person above me said try an individual or close friend or family member. At least they won't break your legs if you don't pay LOL!

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