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I need a lot of help.Over weight,high Chorlesterol,high Triglycerides..?

I don't take meds cause they cause me to have muscle cramps,and knee pain.And won't take anymore.I hate fish..Don't exercise.I am 62 yrs and I know I am heading for heart attack or stroke.So anyone have any advice.I seem to gain every year.Can estrogen have anything to do with my highs???.

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    Take a walk..........

    And I mean that in a good way. Starting out on a short walk every day will help your health in a non-taxing way. No big push too jog a mile, just take a walk, a little exercise will help lower your cholesterol levels.

    I'm almost 55 and run high, have my entire life. I took up yoga 2 years ago, non impact, gentle stretching. I also have a stair stepper that I use when the mood strikes (about once a month, LOL).

    I didn't (can't) do HRT, but then I couldn't do birth control either, so can't help out on the estrogen issue.

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